A powerful unified platform is now available, providing the seamless combination of physical data and advanced video analysis to enhance col­lab­o­ra­tion and performance insights.

We’re excited to announce the merging of two of our most powerful tools for professional global football and rugby teams: our WIMU athlete monitoring system and Hudl Sportscode.

In the past, it wasn’t easy to combine athlete monitoring and advanced video analysis. Now we’re addressing those challenges by building a critical bridge between sport science and performance analysis to provide comprehensive insights that empower coaching staffs’ decision-making. By integrating WIMU and Hudl Sportscode, users can streamline operational processes and clubs can empower sports scientists and analysts to collaborate more closely.

“Despite the clear benefits of WIMU as a standalone wearable athlete monitoring system, being able to now seamlessly combine the physical data with video and event data, whether that be from a third-party provider or a team’s custom dataset, opens up the possibility of answering complex performance questions that the analysis of only physical data, video, or event data in isolation can’t answer,” said Hudl Solutions Consultant Will Sparkes, PhD.

Hear the full story of this integration from Sparkes in the video below.

There can sometimes be a disconnect between sports science, coaching and performance analysis within the industry. This integration helps us to break down barriers between departments, merge workflows, and add powerful context to physical performance data. Will Sparkes, PhD, Hudl Solutions Consultant, Human Performance

With both WIMU and Hudl Sportscode to aid your decision-making process, you’ll have comprehensive insights derived from integrated data sources. There’s no need to seek other resources—Hudl is the one-stop-shop that unifies your data sources, providing a centralized platform that connects event data swiftly and efficiently.

If you’re ready to combine video, tactical and performance metrics to understand what happened—and why—you’ve come to the right place. Contact our sales team today to learn how the addition of these world-class tools will give your sports scientists and analysts the holistic view they need.

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