Harvard Business Review highlighted in their March 2020 article that Education has shifted due to the global pandemic and some of these changes may be longer-lasting.

Professional sports have been equally affected and a common theme we have heard during more than 6,000 customer interactions over the last 12 months and more than 12,000 learning hours from customers who’ve used Hudl Academy is that strategies for remote/online education have accelerated at a much faster pace than they would have if the pandemic had not occurred.

This is particularly true of federations and national governing bodies. Those organizations play a vital role in being the custodians of long-lasting positive change and the creation of opportunities for future generations to realize.

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However, the main challenge in this change is the readiness of the organization. In particular the content, skilled practitioners and technological infrastructure to deliver high performance levels of education that isn’t just ‘ticking a box’. 

Thus, “how to create education courses that could generate sufficient revenue whilst providing a meaningful and long-lasting impact on national high performance standards that maximize online and face-to-face methods?” is a common question.

From the perspective of a player/athlete, the major global trend links to best practice in connecting Purpose / Team Identity / Game Model with effective Player Development and Pathway opportunities that effectively leverage the role of technology to support practitioners in their delivery and ensure a Player Centred approach can be achieved.

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