In the Global Sport market, successful teams have a clear Identity derived from a Philosophy and Playing Style such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Liverpool,  Houston Rockets, University of Virginia, Michigan State and Syracuse at a domestic level and Brazil, Spain or Italy global football teams at an international level.

This promotes alignment between the Academy and First Team to recruit and develop players and achieve sustained success whilst providing stability in employee satisfaction over time.

A clear playing style enables each sports department (e.g. Coaching, Recruitment, Medical and Sports Science) to pinpoint the key characteristics required to create high performing athletes and therefore, a high performing team. Thus, setting objective goals, tracking performance, reporting to key stakeholders and inducting new employees is easier and uses budget efficiently. 

Furthermore, a clear playing style empowers the organization to provide clarity of purpose across all employees (football, commercial and board) whilst helping the manage fan and sponsors expectations to boost confidence in the team.

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Case Study: Yokohama F. Marinos

Linked to a central game model, The style of play of the 2019 J1 League champions Yokohama F. Marinos used was based on dominating possession and generating a high volume of chances to score, while limiting their oppositions’ attacking threat.

The basis of it is, we need to have the ball to be able to play the football I want and to score the goals. We need to have the ball, we need to pass the ball.

This possession-based approach is linked to a central game model, established since City Football Group’s investment in the team in 2014. Key stakeholders collaborated on the type of football they wanted to see the team play, and therefore what infrastructure would be required, including staff and players recruitment.

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