A completely new take on our industry-leading performance analysis solution, Hudl Sportscode is the most advanced edition yet—and it’s available now.

The wait is over: Hudl Sportscode is here. 

A complete rebuild of the world’s top performance analysis software, Hudl Sportscode allows users to build fully customizable, club-specific workflows to help their athletes and teams win.

More powerful and more intuitive, this next generation product has better scripting capabilities, faster interactions and easier integrations.

Fully customizable, easy and intuitive workflows give users an unparalleled experience. A stronger and more powerful engine also means 4k video and high data rates are available as standard.

“This is a big moment for the industry and the start of a new era,” Sam Lloyd, vice president of elite sports at Hudl, said. 

“Sports­code has been completely rebuilt, mak­ing it faster and more pow­er­ful than ever before. The archi­tec­ture of the new prod­uct is far more flex­i­ble, which means we’ll be able to quick­ly respond to user feed­back and build new fea­tures. This prod­uct will evolve so we can con­tin­ue to lead the performance industry into the future.

“I’m confident that analysts and coaches around the world will like this new product and really embrace it.”

Hudl Sportscode integrates with Hudl’s collection of online, offline and real-time video and data analysis tools to create a more streamlined experience.

The product has been beta tested by over 200 different organizations worldwide from various sports.

“This has been two years in the making and I’m so excited to now release this to the world,” said Paul Arnott, Hudl Sportscode product manager.

“I’d like to thank each and every user and organization that has helped us with testing. Their feedback has been invaluable every step of the way and has helped us create this very powerful tool.”

Gerard Dunne, head of performance analysis at the Football Association of Ireland, said:

“We’ve been using the beta versions of Hudl Sportscode with the Republic of Ireland senior men’s team for exactly a year now. The speed and development of the program has been phenomenal with the processes so easy to work with. 

“I particularly like the multi angle IP capture as this was something we really needed, both in training and on match day, with multiple feeds available to us.

“The presentation tools have improved the workflows for our coaches and has made team meetings slicker and quicker as it’s much easier for them to use.”

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