Product Manager Prad Patel explains the most recent updates our team has made to databases in Hudl Sportscode.

These improvements will help streamline your workflows, and make it quicker and easier to work with databases. Prad Patel, Product Manager

Video Takeaways

Matrix Improvements 

When working with a matrix on a database, your clips will now play in chronological order, rather than the random order the player would previously load. 

Code View Options

We’ve added the ability to reorder clips in both the sorter view and code view, just as you would in a playlist. Simply select, then drag and drop clips into the desired new position in the database. These changes are then reflected when you switch to the code view and vice versa. 

It’s now also easier to merge a group of clips using the same drag and drop steps. And there are keyboard shortcuts to make your workflow even easier. 

Pro tip: When duplicating clips into another row on the database, they will now appear at the end of the database. If you want to return back to the original option of overlapping instances, you can do this in the settings menu.

Database Clip Sharing

You can now send clips from one database to another, similar to how it works in playlists. This clip sharing is available in both reference and stand alone databases.

We hope you’re excited to try out these new functionalities—we’re confident they will make databases even more flexible.

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