In the second of our blog series, Sportscode Product Manager Paul Arnott looks at team presentations and drawings.

My last blog took a look at multi-angle capture and how easy it’ll be in the new Hudl Sportscode. Now we’re going to dive into team presentations.

These are a vital tool for all coaches and a major part of any analyst's work. That’s why our presentations tool was one of the first we looked to improve when we began this project.

The movie organiser and sorter have served Sportscode users well, but their multi-window workflows aren’t as straight-forward as they could be. Some coaches have found it difficult to learn how to use them.

We wanted to make them more accessible to coaches, which we did with single integrated windows that are modern, efficient, and most importantly, intuitive. When building your presentation, you can now see a preview of the clips as you edit them. You can also add labels and notes, and edit them, from a new inspector.

In the previous version, you might have seen performance decrease as you added more clips, and drop even more when you added images and drawings. Hudl Sportscode makes better use of memory and CPU, meaning these issues will no longer happen.

Our previous version of Sportscode supported drawings, but Hudl Sportscode makes the workflow much easier. All you have to do is select a drawing tool, then draw directly on the video. During presentations, playback simply pauses at the drawing so a coach or analyst can get their point across. Press play to continue the presentation.

Viewing different angles in presentations is also much better in Hudl Sportscode. We know a broadcast angle might sometimes give you the best view, but a tactical angle might be better for the next clip. Now you can specify the default angle for each clip. When you're presenting, the video switches between angles automatically (though you can override this).

We’ve also made it much more intuitive to trim or extend a video. To change the start or end point of a clip, just switch to edit mode and drag. This is similar to how other Hudl products work, and is just another small improvement that benefits coaches and new users.

The feedback we heard from beta users has been extremely positive—we’re confident these changes will have a very positive impact on analysts’ and coaches’ workflows.

Below are some screenshots showing team presentations and drawings in action.

Want to see this update in action? Watch the presentation I recently delivered on Hudl Sportscode here.

This is the second blog in our Hudl Sportscode series. If you missed our first blog, click here.