In addition to auto­mat­i­cal­ly recording and exchanging game film, Hudl’s network of smart cameras will now offer livestreams for home and away teams via a single camera.

Schools across the country quickly took to Hudl Focus Cameras, both indoor and outdoor, to tackle one of the biggest obstacles for high school sports: capturing great film. 

Before long, Hudl announced the Focus Exchange Network, a feature for Focus camera users where any away game played at Focus-equipped venue is automatically recorded and shared to their Hudl library. And with an ever-growing demand for livestreaming from athletic departments as well as fans, Hudl Focus became a quick and painless plug-and-play solution. 

In 2023, Hudl launched the Fan Engagement Suite. The suite leverages the Hudl solutions schools and teams are already using—including Hudl Focus for livestreaming—to deliver a comprehensive fan experience at no extra cost, with no added work.

Now, Hudl Focus users can take advantage of the “Simulcast” feature, where the home team’s Focus camera livestreams the event to both the home and away teams’ fan pages simultaneously.

How It Works

Simulcasting is available if both participating teams are enrolled in the Focus Exchange Network and are streaming with Hudl.

Each team must enter the event on their Hudl schedule page properly (date, time, and opponent). If we find a corresponding game on the opponent’s schedule, this creates a match in the Focus Exchange Network. 

From there, the home team’s Focus camera will not only capture and share the recording to both teams’ Hudl library for post-game analysis, but it will also livestream the event to each team’s fan page

If the home team is using Hudl Production Truck to create a premium viewing experience—such as adding graphics, ad overlays, replays, etc.—then those assets will appear on the visiting team’s livestream as well.

A Win for Schools

Livestreaming has quickly become a top priority for athletic departments. Hudl Focus offers a no-frills livestream to the home team’s profile. It’s a fast, free viewing option for all fans that requires no added work during the game. Just tap a button in the Hudl Focus app, and you’re set. 

Yet, more and more schools are experimenting and investing more in hands-on livestreaming options to connect their communities and even secure additional revenue—one school has already seen a $15,000 spike in added revenue through pay-per-view broadcasts.

The simulcast feature makes it easy for fans to find your team’s streams by consolidating home and away livestream feeds to your team’s profile. This provides streams for fans when your team is on the road, without requiring any additional equipment, expenses or filmers.

Schools are not required to use the home team’s Hudl Focus livestream. Teams can still partner with home teams to produce broadcasts for their away games. However, should you choose to produce your own broadcast on the road, you’ll need to bring your own equipment as you may not have access to the home team’s Hudl Focus camera feed for your broadcast.

It’s also important to note that for simulcasts, the home team holds all the rights to the content, meaning only the home team is capable of editing or removing content from the Hudl TV platform, as well as managing stats that appear on team profiles.

Additionally, the home team will keep all the revenue for a single game for pay-per-view streams. However, if the away team has implemented monthly or yearly subscription-based livestream passes, fans with an active subscription will not need to pay again.

A Win for Fans

As more teams and schools livestream with Hudl, the more games fans can watch at a reduced cost.

As mentioned above, fans who subscribe to a team’s monthly or yearly pass will not need to purchase single-game access for road games. This increases the value of streaming subscriptions for those fans.

Plus, simulcasting means less time searching for an opponent’s page and more time watching their favorite teams. By providing home and away streams on a single page—your school and team profile—fans need only bookmark their favorite page on their browser or in the Hudl Fan app to watch games.

Simulcasting simplifies logistics for your programs, makes it easier to drive exposure for your teams and athletes, and offers a simple, consistent avenue for fans to support and invest in your school. 

It’s a win-win-win.

Livestreaming with Hudl is the simplest, most effective way to connect your community. Discover how your athletic department can provide an enjoyable experience for fans with ease today.

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