It’s here — your film in full HD.

Football is a game of inches. The details matter. 

If a receiver lines up an extra yard off the line of scrimmage, is he telegraphing the reverse? Spotting tendencies like these are key to shutting down your opponent. 

Now it’s easier for you to see them.

Starting this season, all American football teams—on all packages—can upload and watch film on Hudl in full HD (1080p). 

Making the switch to HD is simple. Just set your camera to record in 1080p, set your playback controls to play in HD, and use our web uploader instead of Hudl Mercury to get your film online (not available with Hudl Sideline at this time). Coaches already love this upload option because it’s faster and more reliable. Now the web uploader is the key to high-quality film too.

Video helps coaches and athletes prepare for the next step through scouting opponents, sharing playlists or creating highlights. 1080p gives you a closer look to uncover insights and develop a dynamic game plan. All the evidence you need is in plain sight.

Coaches and athletes have always guided our innovation. You asked for HD video, and we’re proud to deliver. We’re thrilled for full HD to become the new standard for video in Hudl.

Ready to review crystal clear film?

Unlock 1080p