This week, PGC Basketball is here to teach you the art of getting open.

One key to becoming a great offensive player is the art of getting open. Before athletes can knock down a big shot, or get to the rim with an attack, they must first be able to fight off pressure and get open to receive the ball. This week’s drill from PGC Basketball provides a perfect opportunity to train your players on getting open.

In-game habits can only be formed by quality repetitions in practice, and with this drill athletes will be forced to communicate through pressure in order to get open on the wing.

Walk It Out Rip Series

Players will focus on the following four offensive skills in this drill:

  • Walking out a defender on the wing.
  • Holding the defender off to get open.
  • Communicating with a teammate to receive the ball.
  • Ripping the ball into an offensive attack move.

Another great benefit to this drill is a coach’s ability to tailor it for their team and their program. Once the offensive player has received the basketball, there’s no limit to the number of variations coaches can use for the offensive attack move.

As with all the drills in this series, we’d love your feedback! Comment below to let us know what you thought of Walk It Out Rip Series. For additional training tips and videos from PGC Basketball, visit their YouTube channel or find them on Facebook and Twitter.