Revered high school coach Dan Casey shows us his unique approach to player development, and why he emphasizes speed over conditioning.

Take this time to learn. (0:40)

In setting the table for your athletes these next few months, Casey says take this opportunity to study what others are doing and see what you can apply.

With strategy, everything’s cyclical. (3:00)

When it comes to trends in the game, don’t chase the flavor of the month. Try first looking to the past. Casey says what’s old is often new all over again.

Is the game going back the other way? (4:40)

Casey discusses whether the success of Kyle Shanahan’s scheme with the 49ers could influence teams to go back under center.

Casey’s “Fast, Focus, Finish” Pyramid (7:00)

We take a look at Casey’s unique teaching progression with his offseason player development.

Can’t get in the weight room? Sprint and jump. (10:05)

Why doesn’t Casey like the term “conditioning”? He explains why he prioritizes strength and speed over endurance.

Don’t have a second sport? Get on the track. (14:25)

Casey, who’s also his school’s track and field coach, talks about the sport’s influence on how he develops players in his football program.

Getting athletes out of the "fan" mindset. (16:05)

Casey shares advice on getting your players out of the mindset of watching film “as a fan”. One unique method he uses involves watching college or NFL games with “Bingo” cards. 

Return of the Triple Option? (19:10)

The Flexbone is an unconventional offense, but it’s got its fingerprints everywhere, including reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson. Casey says to keep an eye on this trend.