LPS Director of Athletics and Activities Kathi Wieskamp explains why she wanted to give all their schools access to Hudl.

After years of seeing the benefits Hudl provides teams, Lincoln Public Schools has signed on for the first ever district-wide deal to level the playing field for all its schools.  

“Hudl is a great company to work with and they’re always looking to improve, and that’s what we’re looking for too,” said LPS Director of Athletics and Activities Kathi Wieskamp. “It was important to us that every one of the schools have the same opportunity and have the same things available to their coaching staff.”

LPS strives to give all their student-athletes access to the best technology available—the combined power of Hudl, Hudl Focus and Hudl Assist will help them reach and maintain that goal. As part of the original beta test for Focus, a hands-free camera system, they could automatically record and upload video for multiple sports and teams.

“[Focus] is new, it makes sense, it eliminates having to find someone to do the filming for you and it’s automatically uploaded," said Wieskamp. "It’s efficient and saves time.”

Wieskamp knows teaching doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom. She believes sports are an effective way to educate and connect with students, especially when you consider the variety of learning styles in the current generation. That’s why she puts so much value in the partnership as a director.

“We look at it as an educational piece. The coding, the film breakdown, the scouting reports will give [our coaches] a much more effective use of their time," said Wieskamp. "They can take the information that Hudl is helping break down and then go straight to start teaching with kids.”

Wieskamp gave her coaches access to Hudl’s technology, but she didn’t want to stop there. Every coach needed to learn how to use it and the best practices for each tool. That’s why the support and training offered to the coaches of LPS was a key aspect of the deal.

“I think one of the things that we appreciate about Hudl is they want to engage us with their systems. They don't want you just to have their system, they want you to utilize it.” Kathi Wieskamp

With the coaches on board, she knows every athlete at each school will have the chance to succeed. See what Hudl could do for your program.