PCDA players will use the Hudl platform to create profiles and share video and data with college recruiters.

Lincoln, NE (March 11, 2022)   Pre-College Development Academy (PCDA) and Hudl, the industry leader in video and performance data for global sports organizations, are partnering to help PCDA athletes reach the next level.

PCDA is the first network of post-high school interconnected soccer academies in the United States. With this partnership, PCDA players will have the ability to use Hudl’s software to build their own recruiting profiles to share video and statistical information with college recruiters. The partnership also includes beta testing of the Focus Flex, Hudl’s newest portable smart camera, and access to league-wide video exchange, where all conference games will be captured and uploaded to Hudl.

“At Hudl we believe that every athlete deserves a shot and by leveraging video and data they can become the best version of themselves. We’re excited to partner with PCDA and provide the technology to support these athletes as they put in the work to be recruited to the next level,” said Greg Nelson, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Hudl.

PCDA provides players with the opportunity to develop in a professional quality environment and gain the experience needed to reach the next level. With access to Hudl’s industry leading suite of video and recruiting tools, PCDA athletes will be able to elevate their skills/talents and better position themselves to ultimately reach their goals at an accelerated pace.

“We know the Pre-College Development Academy has potential, and we have already proven the PCDA concept works. Aligning ourselves with a global leader in technology that plays a critical role in developing players to their next level is something we have been striving for from day one. With this partnership and collaboration, we have just leveled up as an academy and our current and future athletes will see the benefits for years to come,” said Ryan Hodgson, CEO. 

For more information on how Hudl helps athletes get to the next level visit https://www.hudl.com/support/athlete-recruiting/guides. To learn more about how Pre-College Development Academy bridges the gap between youth soccer and reaching the next level, visit https://www.precollegeda.com/

About Hudl

Hudl is an industry leader in performance analysis revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes
prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. With a global team of engineers, analysts, and support, Hudl offers a complete suite of products and services that empower more than 200,000+ sports teams at every level-from grassroots to professional organizations-to gather insights with video and data. 6M users across 40+ sports leverage Hudl's online tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics, professional consultation, and more. Learn more at www.hudl.com.

About PCDA

The Pre-College Development Academy was introduced in the United States in 2021. PCDA has been created with parts of various programming from around the world.  In the US, the focus is on student athletes while in Europe, programs like this exist as an insurance policy to capture late developers. PCDA is the perfect environment to allow high school graduates to start their college academic careers while also further developing in a year round soccer program preserving their collegiate eligibility. PCDA's goal is to allow student athletes time to further develop and mature before they take on the difficult journey of becoming a successful collegiate athlete or beyond.