Hudl’s playbook is now available on Android.

We did a little digging and realized more than a quarter of our football users (coaches and athletes) are accessing Hudl via the free mobile app for Android. That’s a pretty good chunk of people with no playbook on the go, and we’re firm believers in making everything mobile. How else are you supposed to pass the time in a waiting room, or on a road trip with your show tune-obsessed family?

A majority of our users opt for iOS, meaning most mobile updates hit iPhones and iPads before Android devices. Mobile capture was one of them, and it’s hard to believe that was finally released to Android two whole years ago.

Actually, there was one feature we released to Android first, allowing athletes to trim highlights as they were tagged, but that was back in 2013 as well. The options have been limited.

We’re both sorry and excited. Because announcements aren’t really a big deal unless people care, and we have the feeling quite a few users (approx. 25% of the football world) will care about this one: Hudl's playbook is now available on Android.

By “Hudl's playbook,” we mean most of the stuff you’re currently knocking out on a computer:

  • Athletes can receive and study installs personally prepped and shared by coaches.
  • Coaches can see who an install has been shared with and each athlete’s progress in reviewing the plays.
  • All example clips and player assignments will still appear with the given play card.

Prior to the official release, when the playbook was only available on iOS and, more than 197,000 unique athletes had viewed at least one install. When you accept the reality that some Android athletes may have never hopped on a computer to study their team’s playbook—and learn our Android app is already installed on more than 573,000 devices—that number is bound to grow quite a bit.

So, Android lovers, either install or update that free Hudl app from the Play Store and get to studying! If you’re a coach who has yet to explore the wonders of Hudl Play Tools, check this out and give it a shot. (It’s free until your next invoice is due.) Questions? Our support team is only an email or tweet away.