We all know that what you do in the offseason adds up on Friday nights in the fall. That’s why we spent our offseason working on new features and product improve­ments to make this your most efficient season yet.

New look. Elevated performance.

When you log in to Hudl, you’ll notice the next evolution of Hudl has landed in your account. Over the last two years, coaches like you gave us hundreds of hours of interviews, and tested this new layout to help us make the next phase of Hudl more powerful. This new Hudl, previously called “Hudl Beta,” lets you explore video and data side-by-side, turning your data columns into interactive visuals connected to your film.

Learn more about the ins and outs of new Hudl, and see demonstrations of features like fast filters, one-click reporting, multiple layouts and in-app conversations.

Take advantage of unlimited storage with Focus.

For members of the Focus Exchange Network, game video captured by a Hudl Focus camera will no longer count towards storage in your video library on Hudl. This includes home games, scout video, exchanges, and games added from league pools. As long as the game was captured by Hudl Focus, it’s free to store. Check out your Manage Library page to see which games are already “free” from last season.

Tight angle for Focus.

Along with the wide tactical angle we currently offer, we've released an additional tight angle from the press box, captured by the same Hudl Focus camera already at your field. This angle stays tight on the play but follows the action on the field, letting you hone in on all the little techniques that add up, without you needing to add another camera to your setup.

That’s not all. This angle automatically intercuts with the existing Focus wide tactical angle once the automatic upload finishes in your Hudl library, and is included with any video exchanged via the Focus Exchange Network, which means you get this new angle at home and on the road. The tight angle is only available to American Football teams and can be accessed both in new Hudl and Hudl Classic.

BlueFrame Technology has joined the Hudl family.

We’ve added powerful, yet simple-to-use broadcasting tools to our existing Hudl capture, analysis and sharing solutions. You can now combine the capabilities of Hudl Focus with the power and simplicity of BlueFrame for unmatched flexibility to monetize your livestream and rally your fans.

  • Professional quality livestream. Hudl Focus captures automated HD video that’s turned into an elite viewing experience with BlueFrame’s suite of production tools. Add additional camera angles, graphics and audio to create an even more immersive fan experience.
  • Added livestreaming flexibility. You’re not locked into streaming to the web. You get to choose where and how viewers watch your teams play. Fans can take advantage of BlueFrame’s built-in destinations and access games via their Apple and Android mobile devices, as well as streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire. Plus, teams will be able to send video directly from Focus to Team 1 Prep powered by Hudl TV, making streaming easier than ever (coming soon).
  • The choice of if, and how, you want to generate revenue. If you want your streams to earn money, you can do so through paid subscriptions, pay-per-event options, free ad-supported viewing or a combination of those options.

These elevated livestreaming tools are included free of charge with our athletic department package, a complete set of video and data tools that work together to empower every team, coach and athlete.  

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As always, we’ll continue to add new tools and product improvements. But it doesn’t stop there. Your continued feedback helps us make Hudl better. Contact us and give us your thoughts.