Create clips and playlists from your video to jump-start your lessons.

Every coach has experienced a video session that’s gone on way too long. Players lose focus, assistants are itching to get on the field and no one’s paying attention to what matters: the video.

The ability to break a full game into shorter clips is critical to a successful video session. Coaches can quickly move through the game and not waste valuable time searching for a specific play.

The Building Blocks

Clips are the foundation of your video on Hudl. And they’re easy to create. As you watch the game, be on the lookout for any moments worth review. Create clips of those moments to add to playlists, which can be shared with the team or used for video sessions. Athletes will learn more effectively when they don’t have to sift through an entire game, and coaches can easily find what they need.

Have tags added to a game? Use that information to make the process even easier—one click and you have all instances queued up and ready for a playlist.

Construct Your Playlists

You’ve done the groundwork of creating clips–now organize them into playlists to build your lessons. Use playlists to make your life easier and video review more beneficial for your team.

Coaches can create playlists focused on general ideas, like offense, or specifics, such as attacks from the left side. It comes down to how you want to organize your library. As the season progresses, you can continue to add to existing playlists to reinforce lessons. Each individual clip can be named to avoid confusion as more and more clips are added.

Playlists can also be shared with individuals to speed up their development. An individualized video of a player’s performance provides a visual reference to what you communicate verbally. As the season progresses, add to that playlist so the player can see their improvement.

If you need to share clips with multiple people, like all the players for a specific position, send it to a group to review.

Frame the Conversation with Comments

Go further with clips and add context to increase your athletes’ understanding. A lot can happen in one play so help them focus with comments. Coaches can even add multiple comments to a single clip to help different players know what to watch.

Comments are now a conversation with the ability for athletes to respond. Team members can discuss the video with each other and the coaches. Rather than wait until practice to ask about a clip, your athlete can use comments to get an answer sooner.

The discussions aren’t limited to comments—updated drawings are now available, too.

Detail with Drawing Tools

Bring lessons to life with drawings. The updated drawing tools allow you to illustrate the points you make in your comments.

A circle is ideal for coaches who want to direct attention toward a certain area or player. The circle size and position can be adjusted for more accurate emphasis.

Want to quiz your athletes? Use the arrow to give players options and ask for the correct answer. Or use it to point out the route an athlete could have taken.

And there’s the freehand drawing tool to create custom diagrams for your team.

These tools can make video review more impactful for your athletes. Everything added to video can also be seen from the Hudl app–available to study from anywhere.

Check out our quick start guides to dive deeper into clips and playlists, and don’t forget to visit our Help Center for tips on getting the most out of our video tools.