A Tool for All Ages, Hudl is Evolving the Youth Coaching Game

Already a giant in the foot­ball video indus­try, Hudl is now mak­ing its mark at the youth level.

A Tool for All Ages, Hudl is Evolving the Youth Coaching Game

Already a giant in the foot­ball video indus­try, Hudl is now mak­ing its mark at the youth level.

Now enter­ing its sec­ond decade of exis­tence, Hudl has become estab­lished as the go-to video source for high school, col­lege and pro­fes­sion­al foot­ball pro­grams. Its video capa­bil­i­ties and sta­tis­ti­cal reports make it the per­fect prod­uct for these teams, but youth pro­grams are ben­e­fit­ing as well.

The proof is begin­ning to show around the nation. More and more youth coach­es are see­ing their teams excel with Hudl’s youth and club offer­ings, giv­ing their play­ers an ear­ly intro­duc­tion to the tools they will be using as their careers progress. Hudl is enhanc­ing the play­ers’ per­for­mance in the present while also set­ting them up for future success.

We caught up with a few youth coach­es from across the coun­try to learn how Hudl is devel­op­ing their ath­letes and help­ing their teams suc­ceed. Their insights prove that Hudl can help play­ers of any age and skill lev­el reach new heights.

Boost on-field performance

What bet­ter time to intro­duce ath­letes to video than in their for­ma­tive years? Many of these play­ers are expe­ri­enc­ing foot­ball for the first time — the tech­niques they learn now will become ingrained and remain a strong part of their foot­ball DNA for the remain­der of their careers.

Freeze frame and slow motion helps iden­ti­fy the all impor­tant first three steps,’” Jay Erhart, a youth coach in Sacramento, said. It allows the youth ath­lete to see what they are doing.”

The preva­lence of mobile devices makes video more acces­si­ble than ever to young ath­letes. With a few taps on the iPad a play­er or coach can access video, allow­ing them to make the tech­ni­cal adjust­ments they need to thrive.

Today’s play­ers are extreme­ly tech-savvy,” Demiko Suggs, a coach in Maryland, said. ” Players spend a great deal of time on their mobile devices. Hudl allows a coach­ing staff to inter­act with play­ers in the for­mat they are most com­fort­able with. Messaging, watch­ing film with com­ments and study­ing week­ly installs on a mobile device is a great pro­duc­tiv­i­ty gain.

Video analy­sis is an invalu­able tool for any coach­ing staff. Quite a few mis­takes in exe­cu­tion go unno­ticed or uncor­rect­ed in the heat of live action. Video review pro­vides the why’ behind a giv­en play’s end result.”

Hudl also allows teams to scout the oppo­si­tion and craft more effec­tive game plans. While prepar­ing for a play­off con­test last sea­son, Suggs adapt­ed his defense to counter what he saw from the oppos­ing team’s video. The result was a dom­i­nant 30 – 0 victory.

Coaches through­out foot­ball will tell you that watch­ing and con­sis­tent­ly review­ing film is No. 1. Hudl pro­vides us with that. It allows coach­es and play­ers to improve and gain a com­pet­i­tive advantage.” Steve Conner, youth coach in Texas

Smarter technique leads to safer play

Never before has safe­ty been as wide­ly-dis­cussed in foot­ball as it is now, and Hudl can help keep play­ers healthy and on the field. If an ath­lete is tack­ling incor­rect­ly and open­ing him­self up to injury, a coach can show him exact­ly what he’s doing wrong on video and help make cor­rec­tions. Lapses in tech­nique such as drop­ping the head or stop­ping the feet can be cured with a few clips.

It helps improve tech­nique and low­er the pos­si­bil­i­ty of injuries by avoid­ing sit­u­a­tions that increase their chance of injury,” Conner said.

With Hudl, a coach can use freeze frames or slow motion to go into detail on an athlete’s errors. This type of visu­al learn­ing is espe­cial­ly use­ful to younger play­ers who are still in the learn­ing phase of their careers.

It helps us iden­ti­fy coach­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties with indi­vid­ual ath­letes and allows these young men to visu­al­ly see their mis­take,” Suggs said.

Hudl creates connections

It’s nev­er too ear­ly to start doc­u­ment­ing an athlete’s career. It will be years before col­lege coach­es begin court­ing play­ers in youth leagues, but Hudl’s high­lights allow a play­er to gain expo­sure and cre­ate clips they can save for the rest of their lives.

The abil­i­ty to quick­ly share a high­light reel of a play­er is a great tool for par­ents in the recruit­ing process,” Suggs said.

Check out this page for Malik Baker, one of Suggs’ star players.

Hudl also encour­ages par­ents to engage more close­ly with their chil­dren, record­ing their games and con­struct­ing high­lights along­side them. And while far­away friends and fam­i­ly may not be able to attend many games, they can still eas­i­ly fol­low a player’s exploits through highlights.

It allow par­ents to assist their play­er in per­son­al growth, but to also share with fam­i­ly mem­bers,” Conner said. They can also share in progress the play­er is mak­ing through­out the season.”

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