Already a giant in the football video industry, Hudl is now making its mark at the youth level.

Now entering its second decade of existence, Hudl has become established as the go-to video source for high school, college and professional football programs. Its video capabilities and statistical reports make it the perfect product for these teams, but youth programs are benefiting as well.

The proof is beginning to show around the nation. More and more youth coaches are seeing their teams excel with Hudl’s youth and club offerings, giving their players an early introduction to the tools they will be using as their careers progress. Hudl is enhancing the players’ performance in the present while also setting them up for future success.

We caught up with a few youth coaches from across the country to learn how Hudl is developing their athletes and helping their teams succeed. Their insights prove that Hudl can help players of any age and skill level reach new heights.

Boost on-field performance

What better time to introduce athletes to video than in their formative years? Many of these players are experiencing football for the first time - the techniques they learn now will become ingrained and remain a strong part of their football DNA for the remainder of their careers.

"Freeze frame and slow motion helps identify the all important 'first three steps,’” Jay Erhart, a youth coach in Sacramento, said. “It allows the youth athlete to see what they are doing."

The prevalence of mobile devices makes video more accessible than ever to young athletes. With a few taps on the iPad a player or coach can access video, allowing them to make the technical adjustments they need to thrive.

"Today's players are extremely tech-savvy,” Demiko Suggs, a coach in Maryland, said. " Players spend a great deal of time on their mobile devices. Hudl allows a coaching staff to interact with players in the format they are most comfortable with. Messaging, watching film with comments and studying weekly installs on a mobile device is a great productivity gain.

"Video analysis is an invaluable tool for any coaching staff. Quite a few mistakes in execution go unnoticed or uncorrected in the heat of live action. Video review provides the 'why' behind a given play's end result."

Hudl also allows teams to scout the opposition and craft more effective game plans. While preparing for a playoff contest last season, Suggs adapted his defense to counter what he saw from the opposing team's video. The result was a dominant 30-0 victory.

"Coaches throughout football will tell you that watching and consistently reviewing film is No. 1. Hudl provides us with that. It allows coaches and players to improve and gain a competitive advantage.” Steve Conner, youth coach in Texas

Smarter technique leads to safer play

Never before has safety been as widely-discussed in football as it is now, and Hudl can help keep players healthy and on the field. If an athlete is tackling incorrectly and opening himself up to injury, a coach can show him exactly what he’s doing wrong on video and help make corrections. Lapses in technique such as dropping the head or stopping the feet can be cured with a few clips.

"It helps improve technique and lower the possibility of injuries by avoiding situations that increase their chance of injury,” Conner said.

With Hudl, a coach can use freeze frames or slow motion to go into detail on an athlete’s errors. This type of visual learning is especially useful to younger players who are still in the learning phase of their careers.

"It helps us identify coaching opportunities with individual athletes and allows these young men to visually see their mistake,” Suggs said.

Hudl creates connections

It’s never too early to start documenting an athlete’s career. It will be years before college coaches begin courting players in youth leagues, but Hudl’s highlights allow a player to gain exposure and create clips they can save for the rest of their lives.

"The ability to quickly share a highlight reel of a player is a great tool for parents in the recruiting process,” Suggs said.

Check out this page for Malik Baker, one of Suggs’ star players.

Hudl also encourages parents to engage more closely with their children, recording their games and constructing highlights alongside them. And while faraway friends and family may not be able to attend many games, they can still easily follow a player’s exploits through highlights.

"It allow parents to assist their player in personal growth, but to also share with family members,” Conner said. "They can also share in progress the player is making throughout the season."

Check out what Hudl can do for your youth athletes by clicking here. If you want to take it for a test drive, request a free demo.