Some of USA Volleyball’s biggest names want more clubs to use video to help their players get recruited. Here’s why.

The volleyball recruiting space can be tough to navigate. With thousands of athletes all vying for a chance to play at the next level, it’s hard for an individual to stand out.

Clubs have the responsibility to give their athletes the best chance to get in front of college scouts. Now more than ever, recruiters are leveraging video to get a glimpse at what players can provide them on the court.

“I think it can be huge for recruiting in a couple of ways,” said Karch Kiraly, head coach of the U.S. Women’s National Team. “Coaches just generally don’t want to see highlight reels… it’s really important for them to see the whole game, and to see how a player does not just in the best, most spectacular plays.”

It’s a necessity to have a database of video for players to share with coaches at any given moment. “[Hudl] gives our players an opportunity to be seen by coaches year-round,” said Chris Leonard, club director and coach at Pilipa’a Volleyball Club in Hilo, Hawaii. “It has opened opportunities for discussions with collegiate programs that would not otherwise be able to see our kids play.”

“Scholarships [are] out there for everyone, but you have to be seen,” said beach volleyball world champion Kerri Walsh Jennings. “Accessibility is a big deal. We don’t want just the rich or the elite to have access, we want every single person to have access [to these tools].”

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