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Hudl & Wyscout to Form World’s Most Comprehensive Football Video Analysis, Data & Recruitment Platform

With the largest global database of football video and data now connected to our end-to-end analysis platform, it’s easier than ever to find talent, share content and collaborate.

Today, we announced our acquisition of Wyscout, the global leader in scouting and talent identification for football clubs and national teams. This marks our ninth overall acquisition since 2011.

With more than 1,000 professional clubs, 1,000 player agencies, and 60 national teams and federations using their platform, Wyscout provides value for the global football community by offering tools that make it easy to understand the game, identify and assess talent, and evaluate performance. Connecting Wyscout’s video and data library to our suite of professional-grade solutions will create the most comprehensive football video analysis, data and recruitment platform in the industry; a platform that will not only power the top organizations in the world but also clubs at all levels of play.

“Without having an army of data scientists, clubs of all sizes will be able to make impactful, sophisticated, data-driven decisions every day,” said John Wirtz, Hudl Chief Product Officer. “Hudl and Wyscout coming together means coaches, analysts and the football community will have unprecedented access to all the video and data they need to drive improvement and unearth talent from all over the world. And they’ll have all of this at their fingertips, which lets them focus on their core roles, not navigating across multiple systems. It’s going to dramatically change lives.”

In today’s data-driven sports environment, analysis isn’t limited to coaches and analysts. Combining the best of Wyscout and Hudl will not only benefit clubs, but everyone involved with the sport.

“Today, there are a lot of interactions between clubs and the agents, between the youth team and the first team, between referees, and so on,” said Matteo Campodonico, CEO of Wyscout. “Combining platforms will make everything easier not just for clubs, but for everyone in the industry.”

With decades of experience working with the most innovative minds in sport, both companies know the most effective workflows––whether for match analysis or player recruitment––start and end with video. By providing access to hundreds of thousands of matches that are connected to Hudl and Sportscode, it’s now even easier for clubs to tailor this ideal process to their unique coaching philosophy.

“It was very clear to us early on that they were just as passionate as we are about helping members of the football community reach their potential through technology and collaboration,” said Campodonico. “For organizations to reach their full potential they need to recruit the best talent. For athletes to reach their full potential they need to be seen. Connecting Wyscout’s content to Hudl’s video analysis and distribution platform means clubs won’t just have access to a local pool of talent, they’ll have access to a global network of players. This ‘super system’ will provide this access in a way that saves everyone hours of time.”

What excites both companies most is what their combined expertise will unlock for the global football community in the near future.

“Some of the biggest breakthroughs are going to be powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence,” said Wirtz. “Clubs can take advantage of camera systems that require no human operation and that produce highly accurate physical data from optical player tracking—which is accessible and usable with just a few clicks of a button. Not only will all this be a part of the Pro Suite, but it will also be connected to the new Hudl Sportscode, which was released two weeks ago.”

“By bringing our R&D teams together, we can deliver this type of value to teams even faster,” said Wirtz.

To learn more about what Wyscout joining the Hudl family means for the global football community, view our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hudl acquiring Wyscout?

There are a number of benefits to both Hudl and Wyscout customers. Primarily, Hudl and Wyscout coming together means coaches, analysts and the football community will have unprecedented access to all the video and data they need to drive improvement and unearth talent from all over the world. And they’ll have all of this at their fingertips, which lets them focus on their core roles, not navigating multiple systems.

What are the differences between Hudl, Sportscode and Wyscout?

Hudl Sportscode is powerful offline solution that allows the analyst, coach or manager to analyse player and team performance customized around their coaching and tactical philosophies.

Hudl is the online library where tactical match footage and this associated analysis & data is stored, with distribution tools that allow that content to be shared around a league, club or with players.

Wyscout is the world’s largest database of football video and data, including over 550,000 players profiles from more than 200 leagues and championships. Wyscout has revolutionized football by providing a library of pre-analyzed match footage which is used for performance analysis, opposition scouting and player recruitment.

What is the main benefit to me as a Wyscout user?

You’ll be able to take the video and objective data provided by Wyscout and seamlessly add your own personalized layer of analysis with Hudl and Sportscode. Wyscout users will also benefit from the combined strength of Hudl and Wyscout with better support, more innovative R&D and faster development of new features.

What is the main benefit to me as a Hudl user?

No longer will you have to suffer with complex workflows for accessing match footage and importing it into Hudl or Sportscode. Once the two platforms are connected, finding the video and data to start your analysis will take minutes, not hours.

Where does Wyscout fit within Hudl’s Pro Suite? Will I be able to access Wyscout footage in Hudl without downloading and uploading?

The Hudl Pro Suite offers an end-to-end solution for capturing, analysing and distributing video and data. In the coming months the Wyscout library and Hudl platform will be connected and the video that teams need in Hudl or Sportscode will be one click or tap away with no upload or download needed.

Will there be any new features? Will I be able to use existing Hudl and Wyscout features in the same platform?

In the short term the two platforms will remain in their current form; however, we are excited about the combined force of our Product and R&D teams to add great functionality and combine both products. Further announcements will be made as new features are developed or functionality merges.

Will I need to setup a new account or can I use my existing accounts?

In the short term you will need a Hudl licence to access Hudl products and a Wyscout licence to login to the Wyscout platform.

Will my main contact for sales and support change?

All existing sales and support contacts will still be available, but we ask customers to use as their main channel for support. Both companies' customers will enjoy a unified and stronger sales and support organization serving them.

Will my subscription / price change?

Not in the short term. Packages combining multiple products might be offered and prices can be adjusted to adapt to customer needs in the future.

If I import video from Wyscout into my Hudl library will I need to pay for more storage?

Storage limits do apply to the Hudl library. If you need to increase the amount of storage available to you, we can work together on finding the right solution for you. Your account executive can assist you.

I pay monthly for Wyscout but annually for Hudl - what will be my payment terms moving forwards?

All payment terms will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

You say that video analysis and recruitment are closely aligned in terms of workflows, but how would scouts use Sportscode in their process?

We find that the best workflows tend to start and end with video and the most innovative users are replicating processes across functions within a club. As an example, video on a potential player acquisition is sourced from Wyscout and the footage is analysed in Hudl Sportscode using that clubs’ code windows. This allows the buying club to produce analysis that is bespoke to their playing style, giving a greater understanding whether a player will ‘fit’. They are also then able to compare potential signings against existing players. This increases visibility for decision makers who can’t travel the world to watch talent in person and importantly it provides an objective layer of due diligence.

Is our data and video still secure?

Bringing the two companies together provides an even greater resource to ensure that content remains secure.

Are you still holding the Wyscout Forum?

Yes, the Wyscout Forum will take place later this year, with more details set to be unveiled shortly.

Will you be moving the Wyscout company and people abroad?

Hudl and Wyscout will retain a significant presence in Chiavari, Italy whilst also benefiting from Hudl’s global network of offices.

Will Wyscout be moving away from football? Will the Wyscout library start holding video from other sports?

Wyscout’s primary focus is football, and whilst the platform may be utilised for other sports in the future it will not affect its core function in serving the global football community.

To discuss your Hudl, Sportscode or Wyscout package with an account executive, contact us. For press enquiries, contact