Record a Video

  1. Open the Hudl Technique app and tap the red Record button. This will take you to the video recording screen.

  2. Tap anywhere on the screen to refocus the camera.

  3. Tap the frames per second icon to change the frames per second that you will record.

  4. Tap the gear icon to turn on a 10 second delay if you are recording yourself.

  5. Tap the camera icon to switch to the front-facing camera.

  6. Tap the red Record button again to start recording a clip.

  7. While recording, tap the flashing red stop icon, or tap the to cancel the recording.

  8. Thumbnails of your recordings will appear on the bottom of the recording screen. Tap Play to analyze the film with your drawing toolbox or create a video review.

  9. While reviewing in the thumbnail, tap the back arrow to be taken back to the recording screen.

  10. To delete a thumbnail, hold and drag to the red trash can.

  1. Open Hudl Technique and  tap the record icon in the bottom right.

  2. To tag the video before recording, tap the profile icon in the top right.

  3. Select a technique tag and an athlete tag. Tap Save to go back to the recording screen.

  4. Tap the red record button to start recording.  

  5. Tap anywhere on the screen to refocus the camera.

  6. Tap the trash can icon to cancel the recording.

  7. To finish recording, tap the red stop icon.