Record a Video

  1. Open the Hudl Technique app and tap the red Record but­ton. This will take you to the video record­ing screen.

  2. Tap any­where on the screen to refo­cus the camera.

  3. Tap the frames per sec­ond icon to change the frames per sec­ond that you will record.

  4. Tap the gear icon to turn on a 10 sec­ond delay if you are record­ing yourself.

  5. Tap the cam­era icon to switch to the front-fac­ing camera.

  6. Tap the red Record but­ton again to start record­ing a clip.

  7. While record­ing, tap the flash­ing red stop icon, or tap the to can­cel the recording.

  8. Thumbnails of your record­ings will appear on the bot­tom of the record­ing screen. Tap Play to ana­lyze the film with your draw­ing tool­box or cre­ate a video review.

  9. While review­ing in the thumb­nail, tap the back arrow to be tak­en back to the record­ing screen.

  10. To delete a thumb­nail, hold and drag to the red trash can.

Hudl Technique is only avail­able on iOS devices and can no longer be found in the Google Play Store.

  1. Open Hudl Technique and tap the record icon in the bot­tom right.

  2. To tag the video before record­ing, tap the pro­file icon in the top right.

  3. Select a tech­nique tag and an ath­lete tag. Tap Save to go back to the record­ing screen.

  4. Tap the red record but­ton to start recording. 

  5. Tap any­where on the screen to refo­cus the camera.

  6. Tap the trash can icon to can­cel the recording.

  7. To fin­ish record­ing, tap the red stop icon.