Professional Basketball Solutions

High-performance video analysis solutions on one connected platform.

Capture Solutions

Hands-Free HD Video

Never miss a moment—Hudl Focus captures every play perfectly.

A fully automated recording solution without the need for a camera operator.

Produce a seamless video workflow with Hudl integration and share with staff and players.

High quality video from games and training for any team playing in a Hudl Focus court.

hudl professional basketball analysis
Analysis Solutions

Analysis for every workflow.

Online, offline and real-time video and data tools.

Powerful coding tools

Customized scripting capabilities

Video review from any device

On-demand video analysis services

Let our professional analysts analyze your footage.

Event coding for basketball

Interactive reports

Layer in your personalised analysis

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professional basketball hudl use on tablet and mobile
Distribution Solutions

Effortless asset management.

Share data and video from a secure, cloud-based platform.

Connect the entire team

Cultivate consistency

Connect your league

Hudl at Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Coach Nate Babcock Talks Video

atlanta hawks basketball game

Streamline your workflow.