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Hudl TV is Hudl’s livestreaming platform that allows you to livestream your games and events at your school. Fans can watch your games and events from anywhere!

  • You’re equipped with several different options to drive revenue if you want to do so. The choice of whether to make money—and how to do so—is entirely yours.
  • You can stream completely hands-free, offer a pro-level broadcast, or pick somewhere in between. We’ve got the tools for each option.
  • We provide your fans with a dedicated, reliable platform that makes it easy for them to find your games.

Hudl TV is included free of charge in an athletic department package or can be purchased as a separate add-on. Talk to your rep for more details on bringing Hudl TV to your program.

No. Your Hudl TV livestreams can be pay-per-view or free-to-view, it’s up to you.

No, there’s no fee involved with offering a free-to-view livestream.

Yes, you can customize your pay-per-view offerings to your liking. For each game, you can go into Hudl and set up pay-per-view on an individual game basis.

Yes, you can stream directly from your Focus camera to Hudl TV. When scheduling your events on or through the Hudl Focus app, just enable the Hudl TV option for games you want to stream.


Hudl TV offers additional, manual production options where one or more users can use our Production Truck software or Remote Truck app to livestream.

Yes. Using our Production Truck software you can add a scoreboard to your livestreams. Through Production Truck, a single person can easily manage scoring data and additional features.

Yes. Using our advanced Production Truck software you can incorporate multiple cameras and add additional angles to give your livestreams a professional feel. Best of all, it’s easy enough that a single person can manage it.

Absolutely. Students can get involved to take your livestreams to the next level. Our advanced Production Truck software incorporates aspects like multiple cameras, graphics, audio commentary and other areas where students can get involved and gain valuable skills.

Yes, we have multiple options to add sponsorships. This could be a graphic on your livestreams, a short video that plays before your games or branding on scoreboards. You also keep 100% of the revenue you make on local sponsorships.

Yes. If you’re using an Outdoor Focus camera, you can connect a microphone directly to the audio port on your camera and provide commentary from there. With an Indoor Focus camera or a different camera, you can use our Production Truck software to add commentary.

Yes, you can stream any athletic or activity event held at your school! These might include graduation, drama, musical performances, etc.

Absolutely. We have settings that allow you to easily make your livestreams private after they are live. You can also make this the default setting across your account.

You can set up and stream through our Remote Truck app or Production Truck software on a Mac computer. These require a single person to set up either an iPad or Mac computer and livestream.

Our advanced Production Truck software allows a single person to easily manage multiple cameras and additional features like graphics, replay, commentators and more.

By using Production Truck and some of its key features, you can create a professional-level experience for your fans.

If your opponent livestreams through Hudl TV, and you both correctly schedule the event in your Hudl accounts, their broadcast will show up on your page as well for your fans.

If your host doesn’t offer a livestreaming, or streams to somewhere other than Hudl, you can work with them to determine if you can stream from your own setup with our Remote Truck app or Production Truck.

Your Fans

Every school or organization has a dedicated Hudl TV web page where their livestreams automatically appear. With this link, your fans can easily find all of your livestreaming content. Fans can also download the Team1Sports app to watch on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Android TV platforms.

Team1Sports is a streaming content platform that is a subsidiary brand of Hudl.

You can direct your fans to the link to your Hudl TV page, where all your games will appear live and on demand. We recommend sharing your streaming schedule and link to your page on your social media channels, school website and any other areas your fans will see it.

If you offer a pay-per-view livestream, fans will need to create an account by completing the steps on your Team1Sports page to purchase access.

Our purchasing system is similar to many other online platforms, so fans should be able to use it comfortably. Fans only need to log in to their Team1Sports account, choose a purchasing option, enter their payment information and confirm.

To see the process in its entirety, please see our tutorial.

Your Venue

A sufficient network connection is required to stream live. If you are concerned about your network conditions, you can have your IT Department review our network requirements.

In some cases, users with a limited internet connection have successfully used mobile hotspots to stream.

No. Unlike other platforms, fair use copyrighted material, like background music at your venue, will not be taken down from your account.

You can connect a smart device like a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Android TV and download the Team1Sports app. Then, you can pull up the game on the app and watch!

For more information and additional options, please see our tutorial.