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Hudl + Blueframe Technology

We’re bringing BlueFrame into the Hudl family to give athletic departments new revenue generation opportunities and strengthen ties with fans.

Why We Teamed Up

Coaches and athletic directors like you loved the ability of Hudl Focus to stream directly to YouTube, but we wanted to give you more. That’s where BlueFrame comes in. Combining the capabilities of Focus with the power and simplicity of BlueFrame gives you unmatched flexibility to monetize your livestream and rally your fans.


  • Helps teams at all levels elevate their games.
  • Complete suite of video and data products.
  • The leader in performance analysis technology.


  • Empowers athletic programs to grow their brands and reach fans.
  • Powerful, yet simple-to-use broadcasting and livestreaming tools.
  • A premier, end-to-end livestreaming company.

What You Can Expect

Adding BlueFrame unlocks new ways to support and grow your programs. Here’s what athletic departments can expect:

The choice of if and how to generate revenue.

If you want your streams to earn money, you can do so through paid subscriptions, pay-per-event options, free ad-supported viewing or a combination.

An industry-leading revenue share.

We’re designing the model so more of the money earned from the livestream stays in your pocket, so you can keep growing your programs.

Added flexibility with your livestream.

You’re not locked into streaming to a single destination. You get to choose where and how viewers watch your teams play. Fans can take advantage of BlueFrame’s built-in destinations and access games via their Apple and Android mobile devices as well as streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire.

More engaging productions for your fans.

Additional camera angles, graphics and audio are designed to help your fans enjoy every moment. Keep it simple, or include student or local broadcasters to produce it like a professional.

What's Next

If you’re a current Hudl and/or BlueFrame customer, here’s what this means for you.

Hudl Customers BlueFrame Customers

On an athletic department package:

You’ll have access to BlueFrame as part of your package at no additional cost.

If you’re already using BlueFrame, we’ll bundle that subscription into your athletic department package moving forward.

We’ll honor your existing contracts, and Hudl products will be available to you as a separate subscription.

Not on an athletic department package:

You’ll have the option to purchase BlueFrame as an add-on to your current subscription, or check out our athletic department packages to learn more.

Questions? Ready to learn more?

No matter the question, our teams are ready to help.

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  • What will happen with my BlueFrame products?

    While we work to integrate our products and companies, BlueFrame’s products will see no immediate changes. We’ll continue offering the great service and support BlueFrame customers have always had with BlueFrame.

    In the future, we’ll integrate BlueFrame’s tools more directly with Hudl’s and continue to grow the broadcasting and fan engagement capabilities. We’re also designing a revenue share model where more of the money earned from the livestream stays in your pocket, and you can keep growing your programs.

  • Are there any changes to current Hudl products?

    Nothing will be removed from current Hudl offerings; in fact, we’re excited for the new offerings and capabilities this will bring to our product set. Athletic department package customers will have access to BlueFrame’s tools free of charge, and customers who aren’t on an athletic department package will be able to purchase BlueFrame as an add-on to their current subscription.

Support & Billing

  • Where do I go for support?

    We’ll be bringing these teams closer together in the future, but in an effort to maintain the great service and support you’ve come to expect, we’ll operate separately until we’re fully prepared internally to combine our teams.

    For support of BlueFrame products, continue to contact the BlueFrame experts at

    For Hudl support, head to

  • Will the cost of my invoice change?

    You won’t see any immediate changes to your invoice.

    For existing Hudl customers on an Athletic Department Package, BlueFrame will be added to your package at no additional cost.

    Anyone not on a Hudl athletic department package will be able to purchase BlueFrame tools as an add-on subscription.

    And for current BlueFrame customers, we’ll honor existing contracts and continue offering the great service and support BlueFrame customers have always had.

    You can get in touch with a Hudl rep here to discuss any pricing or invoice related questions.

For Hudl Customers

  • Do I have to stream to BlueFrame?

    You will not be required to stream to BlueFrame’s livestreaming destination (currently If you’re using Focus, you can continue streaming directly to YouTube, BlueFrame’s livestreaming destinations, or another destination.

    If you’re already using another broadcasting software, you can continue using that with Hudl Focus.

  • What are the benefits of using BlueFrame over my current livestreaming platform?

    Flexibility and reliability are what make BlueFrame the premier livestream provider in the industry. Their suite of powerful and easy-to-use production tools offers anyone the opportunity to create professional broadcasts. These tools become even better when paired with Hudl Focus. Distributing your broadcasts with BlueFrame comes with the flexibility of choosing where you stream your games, and the option to monetize that content.

  • Will my existing camera work with BlueFrame?

    Any camera can be used with BlueFrame streaming or Production Truck. Using Hudl Focus? Improve your streaming setup by using Production Truck™ to add additional camera angles, graphics, and play-by-play audio. Blueframe streaming is also capable of receiving video from most mounted and automated cameras.

For BlueFrame Customers

  • Do I have to use Hudl Focus to stream with BlueFrame?

    No, you do not. You can use BlueFrame with existing tools you have. While we believe in the power of Hudl Focus to simplify the process for schools and provide an outstanding experience for coaches and fans, we want to give you the choice of the best option for your program.

  • Will Team1Prep / existing livestream destinations continue to exist?

    Yes. We will keep all existing livestream destinations available.

  • Will we still have the option for branded apps for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon?

    BlueFrame’s livestreaming destination, (and other customized sites for customers), will continue to exist and are already available on those branded apps. We plan to maintain that capability.

  • Will I need to create a new account or can I use my existing account?

    As of now, BlueFrame and Hudl will operate as separate products, so you’ll have two separate logins.

Ready to learn more?

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