In the world of Power Five basketball, every advantage counts — and League Exchange is a remarkable competitive advantage for the Utes’ scouting strategy.

League Exchange has been the most impactful tool. We all use it. It is like a crutch to us at this point. Matt Lopez, Director of Scouting & Video Operations

Knowing what your competition is likely to do before they do it? That’s what we call a competitive advantage. And for Div. I Power Five Utah basketball, that competitive advantage is a reality with League Exchange from Hudl. 

Women’s assistant coach Jordan Sullivan said it best: “You want to see how they break a press? Do you want to see what they do on defense at the end of the game? Do you want to see what they do on offense? You want to see what they do with ball screens? All of it's there.”

League Exchange provides the men’s and women’s teams scouting video—which includes multiple angles—plus all-important data analysis on their opponents. But it’s not just access. It’s also about timing and efficiency.  

“Being able to know the next morning after a game, that we can download a full game with full program audio and broken down offense, defense and minutes, and everything in between, statistically," said Lopez.

These time-saving benefits are a game-changer for coaching staffs, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on strategic planning and player development.

“It has saved me a lot of time, in terms of not having to break down lots of game film,” said Joey Treech, Women’s Director of Video & Analysis. “Just coding all those games could take a couple hours. But using League Exchange, it takes about ten minutes to download. And that's made my job a lot easier.”

“It's been such a huge lifesaver.”

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