Hear in their own words how the University of Utah men’s and women’s basketball teams rely on custom analysis to win more games.

Whenever Utes players hit the court, the Power Five men’s and women’s teams blow fans away with their abilities. What’s not so easy to see is the time and dedication spent developing those winning skills. Reviewing past performances is crucial, and Hudl Sportscode is the bedrock of their postgame analysis workflow. 

We sat down with the coaching staff to hear about their experience with Sportscode, and learned how it’s helped shape the fabric of Utah basketball.

Hudl and Sportscode [are] a huge part of our player development, and learning so much about our guys. Chris Burgess, Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach

Of course player development happens on the court—but it also happens when players have the opportunity to review exactly what happened and what they did. 

“[Sportscode] allows you to pull up clips, and be able to sit down with our players and get them a better understanding of what we're doing offensively and defensively,” said Gavin Petersen, the associate head coach for the Utes women’s team.

Sportscode gives teams the ability to customize their own analysis, so they can focus on what’s most important to their team. “It's very, very easy to pull out things that are important to you in your program, and then very quick to relay those to your team, or to players or to coaches,” said Justin Johnson, special assistant to the men’s head coach.

The software includes interactive player reports, advanced telestrations from Studio, resources for remote collaboration, and nearly countless other advantages for teams looking to improve performance and their strategy. And when it comes to implementing that game plan, the available integrations—like livestreaming from Hudl Focus, so analysts can code in real time; or in-game review from the sideline with Hudl Replay—come together for a world-class, all-in-one solution

For coaches like Burgess, Sportscode isn’t just a tool—it’s the cornerstone to growth. “Learning Sportscode, I’m telling you, is the reason why I’m able to be where I’m at today.”

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