Hear how the coaching staff of the Utah women’s and men’s basketball programs went from manual to automated, rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing their capture solution.

I think the greatest thing about having an automated camera, is it just frees all of us up to do more. Matt Lopez, Director of Scouting and Video Operations, Utah Men's Basketball

There’s only so many minutes in a day. And even fewer in a basketball practice or game. Efficiency is crucial for Div. I Power Five teams like the Utes. And when it comes to freeing up their staff for what matters most—coaching their players—Hudl Focus is their answer. 

The Hudl Focus camera line is all about efficiency. Focus Indoor, the camera the Utes have installed in their practice gyms, is a permanently mounted capture system that uses AI-powered software to follow the action. It requires no cameraperson. Every minute of the action is recorded, livestreamed and uploaded automatically.

“Making the change to the Hudl Focus camera has been a huge plus,” said Joey Treesh, Director of Video and Analytics for Utah women’s basketball. “Obviously, I don't need anyone running the camera. The camera runs itself. And to be able to have multiple viewing angles has been a huge plus.”

Whether it’s capturing every minute of practice—a valuable training tool that both the Utah men’s and women’s basketball teams use to their advantage—or livestreaming real-time footage to analysts located across the country for in-depth coding in Hudl Sportscode, Focus has streamlined the process. 

“Installing [Hudl Focus] was an absolute no-brainer,” said Lopez.

Learn how our line of Hudl Focus cameras can become indispensable to your program. Looking for an all-in-one solution to level up your entire operation? Learn more about the Hudl Pro Suite for basketball.