The Utah women’s and men’s basketball programs are staying at the top of their game by utilizing real-time analysis from Hudl.

For the Utes, a Div. I Power Five basketball program, every second counts—especially when it comes to relaying information during games. That’s where Hudl Replay comes in. 

“It’s been a huge tool for us,” said Joey Treesh, the Director of Video and Analytics for Utah women’s basketball.

Replay isn’t just another piece of technology. It’s an invaluable ally in gaining an edge on the competition. With seamless integration into game day and practice operations, Replay provides real-time insights that enable coaches to make split-second decisions with confidence. 

“There's no better way to relay information than with video,” said Matt Lopez, Director of Scouting and Video Operations for the men's basketball team. “Being able to review calls, being able to review out of bounds, being able to feel confident in potentially challenging a call.”

This innovative platform is pivotal for the players’ performance. Impromptu film sessions during practice can provide players that missing piece of the puzzle. And during high pressure games, Replay gives coaches the ability to show their players exactly what’s happening on the court from an unbiased view. 

As Chris Burgess, assistant coach for the men’s team, pointed out: players can’t always see through the action to know what they need to change. 

“There are a couple of times where I've grabbed our bigs and I've shown them, […] ‘Hey, you're being double teamed. You’re not feeling it, seeing it, whatever it is. But here, look at this.’”

Hudl Replay can propel your basketball team into a new era of analysis. Looking for an all-in-one solution to streamline your entire operation? Learn more about the Hudl Pro Suite for basketball.