Development is critical to the Pilipa’a volleyball club — Hudl makes the process easier and less time-consuming.

Our Pilipa’a girls program has been a Hudl customer for over five years, and we’ve seen the software develop in amazing ways. It has gone from being used primarily as a recruitment tool to being a tremendous learning mechanism for our players, and a time-saver for me as a coach.

I’m a big believer of video and analytics as a part of the coaching and training process. Hudl allows us to see so much more of the game than I can catch from the bench in real time.  

When I go back and watch video, I see a lot of things I don’t see when I’m trying to manage a game and 10-11 players on the sideline. I have more time to focus on the team from a player-to-player perspective with Hudl.

Now I can go through on a play-to-play basis and really see what was happening. I’ve often found a lot of things in that review process I didn’t see before. Hudl Assist allows me to go in and create playlists and get deeper into a number of those moments I want to see.

Simply clicking on a stat pulls up a playlist of all plays associated with that number.

When we went to nationals last year, we bought a number of Assist breakdowns. We were playing a morning pool so I shot it on my iPad. I was loading from the iPad in real time and I had statistical analysis first thing in the morning. I could look and see what we did well. All I could do previously was go back and try to skim through three videos, and that wasn’t productive. It took a lot of time to find what I needed.

With Hudl I could say, ‘I think we struggled with our passing,’ and we could go through and look at all our passes. Is it better or worse than I thought it was? Do I need to make an adjustment? At nationals, filtering through the video impacted my game-time decisions the following day. That was something I never previously had.

During the club season, the ability to go through all the players on my roster and see their passes, attacks, blocks, is amazing. It allows me to see a much closer look at my players. It would be so time consuming to go through a tournament weekend where we played five matches. There’s just no way I could get any substance out of it.

Stats can be viewed from the team or individual level.

Hudl allows me to get through more video with a better view of our context as a team than I could possibly do on my own. If you watch a match start to finish, you’re talking 45 minutes to an hour worth of video. There’s probably only 12-15 minutes of actual play, which means an awful lot of deadtime. Hudl allows me to quickly get to what I’m looking for.

To learn more about Pilipa’a and how our club uses video, check out the team's website here.