You need a dependable person behind the camera to maximize Hudl. Here are some tips to help you volunteer.

Good game film is key to getting the most out of Hudl, and for a youth coach, there's nothing worse than discovering video is choppy or is missing key moments. The reality is, filming a game as the volunteer video coordinator is much different than filming the game as a fan. Here are some easy tips you can use to film the game right.

Find the Right Equipment

Your best bet for filming games will be any hard drive camera. These cameras are easy to find and you may even have one already! You'll know it's a hard drive camera if the video is recorded to an SD card or actual hard drive, and features a USB port.

Use a Tripod

Holding the camera while you film will work okay, but investing in a tripod will save your arm some aches, and ensure the video is steady. You can find tripods here (we've had a lot of success with this one).

Pause Between Downs

There is no need to record the entire game from start to finish. Pause the recording at each dead ball and start again right before the snap. This will make it extremely easy to upload your video to — your clips will already be created! This is a simple trick that will save you tons of time.

Don't Go Zoom Crazy

Set up your camera far enough away from the field to get the entire play without needing to zoom in or out. Move the camera with the players, but don't feel like you have to zoom in at the end of each play. Zooming will make the footage choppy and makes for bad video.

Follow the Players, Not the Ball

This might feel counterintuitive, but it's important. For example, during kickoff, follow the players down the field. Do not follow the ball. The players will lead you to the ball carrier.

Know the Rules

Knowing the rules of the game makes you more intuitive about the shots you take. If you can stay behind the action and predict what is about to happen, you'll have an easier time than someone who doesn't understand the game. It's important to understand the fundamentals of the game as well as the style of your coach.

With reliable volunteers in place, check out how Hudl can help you turn video into an impactful teaching tool.