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Hudl Classic How-To Videos

Watch these short videos to help you get up to speed with Hudl Classic.

Record and Upload

Track Stats

Watch and Review Video

Play Tools

Season Prep and Team Management

Manage and Share Video

Breakdown, Stats and Reports

Hudl Class: Use Football Data to Uncover Opponent Tendencies

30 sec

Whether you’re a heavy user of breakdown data or looking to go beyond the basics of ODK, this session will show you how the best teams and coaches use data to fuel their game plans. Watch the full class here.

Send a Game to Hudl Assist

1 min

Let us break down your football video. Send us any game or opponent video from your Hudl account with the click of a button.

Add Custom Columns and Column Sets

1 min

Add custom columns to your breakdown data so you can track the stats that are important to your team. 

Send a Box Score to MaxPreps or an Email Address

1 min

When your Hudl and MaxPreps accounts are linked, trans­fer­ring stats is an absolute breeze. You can also easily email someone a box score — this could be a local newspaper, an athlete’s parents or another coach in your district. 

Match Live Tag Data to Your Video

2 min

Add the data you tracked live at the game to the video in your library.

Run Reports

1 min

Hudl has several pre-designed, interactive reports to help you quickly and easily generate powerful breakdowns in seconds. 

Manually Enter Game Stats

1 min

Game stats aren’t adding up correctly or notice an error? It’s easy to manually edit or add new stats on your game stats page. 

Manage Breakdown Data

1 min

Manage the breakdown columns you’ve added for your team so you can track the data that means the most to you. 

Run Custom Reports

2 min

Run custom reports each week to easily find the stats that matter most to your team. 

Highlights and Recruiting