Analysis Feature Overview


The Analysis Feature is cur­rent­ly in beta, as we con­tin­ue to improve on this fea­ture through­out the 2020 sea­son we’d appre­ci­ate your feed­back every step of the way.


Experience a bet­ter way to scout your oppo­nents — and your own team. You can now access key ten­den­cies and sit­u­a­tions with­out skip­ping a beat. This free fea­ture turns the data already in your library columns into inter­ac­tive visu­als con­nect­ed to your film, mak­ing it eas­i­er than ever to dig into both at the same time. 


There’s no need to flip back and forth between your reports and your footage. Tendencies are now along­side the video, with adjustable fil­ters you can use to quick­ly sift through the data.


Catch things you sim­ply couldn’t see before. New visu­als give you the abil­i­ty to explore your own data and dis­cov­er pat­terns. Get a sense of game flow and dive deep­er into indi­vid­ual plays with the play-by-play drop-down. Or use the visu­als to quick­ly see how many third downs the team had, then instant­ly start watch­ing them.

Continuous Improvement

Our prod­uct team did a lot of research to make sure coach­es like you would find this fea­ture valu­able. And it doesn’t stop here — we plan to keep improv­ing the fea­ture and adding more capa­bil­i­ties through­out the sum­mer and fall, so be on the look­out. We nev­er want to stop improv­ing the Hudl expe­ri­ence for foot­ball teams.