Hudl is here to help you increase efficiency and avoid burnout.

The sports world is all too familiar with athlete burnout, but what about the coaches? You’ve probably heard the joke about there only being two times when coaches feel stressed—day and night.

Although it’s easy to make light of the situation, it’s a real concern if you’re the one wearing the whistle. Check out this short read for a fresh look at some old-school ideas to ease the daily pressures of coaching, then claim your free copy of the playbook.

Prepare for Season

Time. It always seems to be the top concern for a coach. In order to get enough of it, you need a game plan—something that’s penciled in well before game time.

Take advantage of the offseason to organize your team and tasks. When those tasks are taken care of early, you can spend more time developing your players or preparing your game plan. Our playbook will show you how to beat the clock.

Fill the Gaps

As a coach, it’s considered normal to wear numerous hats for the team. On game day, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, let alone between games.

You may have more than one person keeping stats, recording the game, and let’s not forget the data breakdown after your video is uploaded. Our playbook will educate with examples and provide several ideas to assign some of these responsibilities to others so you’re not the only one keeping track of the X’s and O’s.

Review and Repeat

We identified ten all-around quick tips to increase productivity with minimal effort. We want to share our knowledge with our coaches to (hopefully) make your lives a little easier.

To get started, download our free eBook, The Efficiency Playbook. It’ll help relieve the symptoms of burnout and give you the opportunity to adopt new habits. Or maybe just tweak some old ones.