As a part of the Ice Hockey Summer Series, this User Roundtable brings together video coaches and analysts from elite ice hockey organizations. These industry leaders discuss cutting-edge technology, and how they are powering their programs with innovative solutions.

The three-person panel consists of Emily Engel-Natzke (University of Wisconsin, NCAA Men’s DI), Matt Prefontaine (Winnipeg Jets, NHL), and Johnny Lehmann (Chicago Steel, USHL).

For a sport that is as fast-paced and dynamic as ice hockey, elite analysis is proving to be the great divide for “good teams” and “great teams.”

“Analytics are not going away. If you’re not [using analytics] in some capacity, you’re going to fall behind.” Matt Prefontaine

Knowing how to leverage technology properly comes with time and experience. Engel-Natzke says focusing on improving central organizational workflows is vital.

“What problems can you help them solve?” Engel-Natzke said. “What is something they really need help with? And how can you make them better?”

Hudl Sportscode is the platform of choice for the panelists in due to its adaptability with their unique coaching strategy. 

“It allows you to have that flexibility to really customize to each coach, and make their life video isn’t something they dread doing. They’re asking for more.” Emily Engel-Natzke

The panel said the software is simple but can handle complex information to help them supplement the needs of the team.

“Sportscode only gets as complicated as you want it to. You can do a lot of simple stuff and be effective with Sportscode," Lehmann said. "It allows you to be really creative.”

The speed and effectiveness of Hudl Sportscode stand out among other analysis solutions.

“Sportscode is the premiere performance, video and coach software in the world,” said Prefontaine. “It’s all about problem-solving and being able to respond to different situations.”

Building and expanding a video and data system can be daunting, especially as the amount of information grows with each game. But there’s no rushing elite level analysis.

“Start simple. The really great thing about Sportscode and Hudl is you can really build up a foundation," Engel-Natzke said. "Really talk to your coaching staff to see what’s most important to them. Making sure you have those five to ten tags that are absolutely essential. Then from there, you can start adding labels and code buttons as you get more comfortable with the software."

Don’t let your team fall behind.

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