4 Ways to Use Last Year’s Video and Stats to Prepare for the Upcoming Season

Your ros­ter may look dif­fer­ent, but there are plen­ty of ways to improve by eval­u­at­ing last season’s performance.

4 Ways to Use Last Year’s Video and Stats to Prepare for the Upcoming Season

Your ros­ter may look dif­fer­ent, but there are plen­ty of ways to improve by eval­u­at­ing last season’s performance.

Each sea­son is its own enti­ty that brings new chal­lenges. Rosters shift, sched­ules are adjust­ed and coach­es come and go. A team’s out­look can dras­ti­cal­ly change between the end of last sea­son to the start of this one.

Though the cir­cum­stances are dif­fer­ent, there is much to be learned from last year to pre­pare for the upcom­ing sea­son. A review of the stats and video will uncov­er some seri­ous insights that will shape the way you design your 2017 – 18 plans.

Create Teach Tapes”

Whether it’s incom­ing fresh­men, pro­mot­ed junior var­si­ty play­ers or new assis­tant coach­es, you’re going to have indi­vid­u­als in the lock­er room who are unfa­mil­iar with your sched­ule, play­ing style and over­all phi­los­o­phy. You need to get them on the same page with the rest of the ros­ter as quick­ly as possible.

Compile video of your most com­mon­ly-run plays and moments that show­case your tac­tics, such as your fren­zied full-court press or your offen­sive phi­los­o­phy against a 2 – 3 zone. Allowing the new­com­ers to visu­al­ize these styles played out in front of them will help them learn more quickly.

Brett Norris, the head coach at Hilliard-Bradley High School (Ohio), has been doing this for years. He cre­ates videos of what he plans on teach­ing and installing ear­ly on in prac­tice and shares it with the team.

It’s great to look back and say, This is exact­ly what this is going to look like when we install it. This is what we want it to look like,’” Norris said. We can use it as a for­ward teach­ing tool.

Know Your Numbers

Statistics are a great way to get a han­dle on your team’s per­for­mance. They help elim­i­nate bias­es and show you areas in which you are pro­fi­cient and oth­ers where you can improve.

Stats are extreme­ly help­ful in iden­ti­fy­ing which play­ers might be capa­ble of fill­ing the shoes of depart­ed seniors from last year. VPS and shot charts pro­vide infor­ma­tion that isn’t affect­ed by play­ing time, so you can envi­sion what an ath­lete might do if giv­en a larg­er role. Lineup data shows which groups of play­ers excelled togeth­er on the court, as well as those that weren’t as suc­cess­ful. Consider alter­ing your rota­tions based off of these numbers.

The best part is that it’s all linked to video. A sim­ple click pulls up a playlist of all videos linked to a stat. Want to see why your point guard was so turnover-prone? Watch the video of his mis­cues and help him make adjust­ments. Or if your big man excels from the right block but strug­gles from the left, watch video of both sides to find what’s ail­ing him.

Teach the Newcomers

With grad­u­a­tions and trans­fers, your ros­ter like­ly looks a lot dif­fer­ent than it did last year. Some play­ers who haven’t seed the court much will now be count­ed on to con­tribute with­out much expe­ri­ence to fall back on.

Shorten that adjust­ment peri­od by shar­ing video of the play­er they’re replac­ing. Show them suc­cess­ful moments and have them men­tal­ly run through the plays themselves.

If Player B is kind of going to be in the role of Player A, who has grad­u­at­ed, you’re able to show that,” Norris said. When Player A is a good play­er, you can say, These are the kinds of things that you can learn by watch­ing the film, areas of your game that need to grow as you devel­op into your role.’ 

Most kids are visu­al learn­ers and the film is a great way to teach. To be able to give them exam­ples of past play­ers who have done things well is a real­ly, real­ly pow­er­ful teach­ing tool.”

Be Prepared to Adjust

The best coach­es are able to adapt their schemes to match their cur­rent per­son­nel with­out over­haul­ing the sys­tem. It’s impor­tant to have a sta­ple coach­ing style that influ­ences how your team plays, but you also need to have the flex­i­bil­i­ty to make tweaks that match your cur­rent roster.

If your offense has cen­tered around the tal­ents of your now-grad­u­at­ed post play­er last year, it might not make sense to mim­ic that scheme if you don’t have anoth­er play­er capa­ble of fill­ing that role. Similarly, if you’re los­ing your top three 3-point shoot­ers, maybe con­sid­er less long balls and empha­size get­ting the ball inside.

Regardless of your play style or how much ros­ter turnover you’re deal­ing with, video is the solu­tion that can help get every­one on the same page. To learn how to get this pow­er in your hands, check it out here.

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