Hudl’s five company values drive everything we do. For Elite Account Executive Gabrielle Kuhl, one stands out the most: “We thrive on the front lines.” That’s exactly how she describes her role.

“I know our team is always working hard behind the scenes to provide the best products in the industry, which makes it fun for me when I go to my coaches and they can't wait to hear what Hudl has been working on.”

“I get to be the one on the front lines having those conversations. And it's a really cool part of my job.”

Interested in learning more about Hudl’s sales team? Kuhl has the details you’re looking for. Take three minutes to watch her interview below, then keep reading to hear her top three takeaways.

Hudl created a work environment where we work as one big team who helps teams.

What does an Account Executive do?

“So your job as an AE is to be on the front lines, delivering information and really giving every coach the opportunity to learn about Hudl tools [that] are available to them, and providing product consultations to discuss what we have and how they can get it.”

What makes Hudl’s sales team different?

“Something that sets us apart is that we all work together. Sure, we may have individual responsibilities and goals, but we work diligently together to meet them, and really that's a credit to our amazing culture. Hudl created a work environment where we work as one big team who helps teams. I don't know other sales organizations who can say that they feel the same camaraderie, but we definitely do here at Hudl.

What’s your favorite benefit that Hudl provides?

“The support behind the work-life balance. That has enabled me to really be a higher performer over the years because I know that I can be all in when I'm working. And then when I need to take some time for me, Hudl is very supportive. They know when you're working, you’re giving it your all. [...] Then they let you unplug and do what you need to.”

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