When it comes to the season opening game, you want your soccer team to be pumped up and ready to play. From the first minute to the 90th, you’ve trained them to never let up. And we’ve done the same. 

We’d like to introduce the new and improved Focus Flex camera. What’s changed? Well, a lot actually. Let’s break it down.

Focus Flex is powered up for your next season, exactly like your athletes—just think of the new internal battery as its energy drink. This three-hour battery will last an entire match, including warmups and overtime PKs, supercharging your game day camera setup no matter where the action is happening. Need to record longer than three hours? No problem—that’s what the included external battery* is for. There’s no need to worry about recharging or finding an outlet.

In the last six months, Focus Flex has seen some incredible advances from where it began. The camera itself may not look different, but our product team has been hard at work making internal updates that have amped up its capabilities. Because better fuel means better performance.

The calibration process got even fasters

Easier Calibration

The ability to start the game at 110% is what you want to see in your players—and your camera. We know a quick setup is key to your game day video solution. That’s why we wanted to make the calibration process even more efficient. Instead of directly connecting your phone to Focus Flex, your camera can now connect to Hudl automatically. Meaning you’ll be able to use the Hudl app to calibrate it from anywhere. And when we say anywhere, we mean it—you’ll be able to calibrate from home if you want. (You don’t even need a 4G plan for your Focus Flex camera to take advantage of this update.)

Increased Default Zoom

You know how small changes in your set pieces can have a big impact? Same here. When using our tactical angle, our default zoom setting is now slightly increased. When the ball is far away from the camera (like near the goal or penalty box, and on the far side of the pitch), you’ll get better video for analysis and highlights than before.

Players—and the ball—are followed automatically

Improved Ball Tracking

Focus Flex automatically follows the action, and the technology has historically used player tracking to do that. It knows where to look because it can tell where the people are. But that doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes the ball is what needs to be followed, which is why we’ve improved our ball tracking algorithm to help Focus Flex keep the action in view—always.

Better Calibrated Night Mode

We’ve improved our exposure settings to ensure your picture isn’t overexposed in low light settings. Whether your tournament matchups go late or you want a few more reps in before you call it a night, Focus Flex can still capture the field.

Record from multiple angles

New: Extra-Wide Tactical Angle

Practices can teach your athletes even more when you can see more of the field. Focus Flex has the ability to capture 20+ players at once when filming any recording in practice mode. Next time you start a recording with the Focus app, just add the extra-wide angle option to help your players see the bigger picture.

New: Multi-Angle Capture

More angles mean more insights for your training sessions. When filming in practice mode, Focus Flex can now record both the tactical angle and the extra-wide tactical angle at the same time. See what it’s like to capture 20+ players at once while also getting that up close angle for individual performance review.

All these updates have turned this smart camera into a true powerhouse. And we’re not finished. In the coming months our product team will continue to iterate, test and learn how to make your experience even better. (Next up: improving back-end encoding and better tracking for long passes and fast transitions.) 

That’s the real power behind Focus Flex—the entire Hudl team is here to support your soccer team.

*External battery not yet included in all geographies or situations.