When we started planning our portable soccer camera, we knew it needed to improve the game day process for soccer clubs. We started with the Focus cameras we’d already created—auto-tracking through AI technology, plus automatic uploads and livestreaming options—and added functionality specific for club soccer teams.

As we continue to test and improve Focus Flex, we want to keep sharing more details. This blog will cover what all comes with the camera, why we included that feature set, and why Focus Flex is the complete solution your club needs. 

What’s Included

When you purchase Focus Flex, here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • Portable smart camera that automatically follows and captures soccer play
  • 180-degree HD tactical video angle
  • Access to the Focus app to start and stop recordings
  • Automatic uploads to Hudl library
  • Practice mode with left, right and tactical angles
  • Battery power
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Carrying case, power adaptor, charging cable and tripod quick release adapter
  • Livestreaming capabilities

We’ll also ensure an easy setup and field configuration process through the Hudl Focus app, the same app you’ll use to control when the camera starts and stops recording. Since Focus Flex comes with the ability to livestream, fans and family can tune in from wherever they are. Uploads after the game will happen automatically, as soon as you connect the camera to the internet. Once the video is on Hudl, you’ll have the full toolkit of digital coaching tools ready and waiting. 

When our team designs an improvement for the software, Focus Flex will be automatically updated. No need to send us your camera for updates. You can count on Focus Flex to be there to capture every moment. And if you have any trouble at all, our support team will be there to help you through it.

The Why

We created Focus Flex with coaches in mind. Our priority has always been to make coaches lives easier. There are a lot of pain points when it comes to recording soccer games. It can be hard to get a good angle for review. It can be hard to find someone to film, especially someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s not hard to understand why coaches don’t want to spend time on the logistics. We knew we could help. 

Just a camera wouldn’t be enough—but a smart camera that’s easy to set up on any field, doesn’t need a cameraperson, and uploads the video after the game is over without long processing times? That could be a real difference-maker.

We chose to make it battery powered so coaches wouldn’t have to worry about finding an outlet or extension cords at outdoor fields.

We prioritized making Focus Flex weatherproof because we knew it had to work in all kinds of weather. And like every one of our Focus cameras, we designed Focus Flex to follow the action and upload the HD game film on its own, without any effort by coaches or assistants.

Your Complete Solution

Focus cameras are the only capture option on the market that are fully integrated with Hudl. After games, and even practices if you want, are automatically uploaded into your Hudl library, the video only gets more valuable. 

With the high quality video Focus Flex provides, it’s never been easier to review film for your coaching needs. Our video coaching tools, such as playlists, personalized clips, comments and drawings, give you the ability to turn game film into coaching moments for your athletes. Coupled with stats and reports from Hudl Assist, you’ll be able to pinpoint and analyze key moments to further develop your team.

Hudl’s recruiting tools include everything your players need to get noticed by top recruiters,  from highlight reels to public profiles. And because the video from Focus Flex is high-quality, your athletes will have a leg up in the recruiting process. Clear video from the ideal angle will make recruiting decisions that much easier.

Focus Flex is truly a one-stop shop. Learn more on our website and join our waitlist if you haven’t already. Everyone on the list will be the first to know when the camera is available to purchase.