Our portable smart camera system is designed for soccer teams and clubs. And that’s exactly why you purchased it for your team—to make your match day setup easier and ensure you’re capturing the most important moments for your team. But are you aware of everything else this camera can do for you? Do you know why it’s so important that it’s the only camera on the market that will sync with your Hudl account? Do you know how that integration can actually revolutionize every aspect of your coaching routine? 

Focus Flex is the starting block of what Hudl has to offer—it’s the first domino that can set off a chain reaction, making your team the best they can be in all aspects of the game. 

Pre-Match Setup

When we designed our portable smart camera system, we knew it had to be easy and fast to set up. And that’s exactly what Focus Flex is. All you have to do is pick the right spot on your pitch (we can help with that) and set up your tripod. Everything else is done in the Focus app, including starting, pausing and stopping your recording—all with a tap on your phone screen. And since Focus Flex uses AI to follow the action, it’s truly a set-it-and-forget-it technology. 

Faster Video Review

Focus Flex captures a 180-degree HD tactical video angle, which is playable on your team’s Hudl account in 1080p. You might think that would mean it takes long processing times or hours to upload. Not the case. Instead of waiting for hours (or days), you can make adjustments quickly. Whether you choose to upload over built-in 4G* or over a Wi-Fi network, your match video can be uploaded by the time you hit the parking lot after the final whistle. And that means everything else happens quickly too, from post-match review and highlight reel creation to submitting footage to Assist for stat breakdowns. 

Hudl’s Coaching Tools

Once your film is in Hudl, it gets exponentially more valuable. Why? Because once it’s on Hudl, it can be used to benefit your player’s individual performance, their ability to work together as a team, and your own staff’s coaching skills. With online text notes, drawings and comments all tied to video, your team can learn as a team even when they’re not together. And it’s not just about the game video. 

Stat Breakdowns

You might have heard of Hudl Assist, where our analysts break down your games for you within 24 hours of submission. It’s the perfect way to save more time for coaching and have the insights and reports you need waiting for you. You’ll have the data you need to analyze individual performance and teach your players where to improve. And Focus Flex is the perfect camera to capture all the details at the ideal angle for those analysts to add your stats correctly—including player jersey numbers.

Camera Calibration Options

Hudl’s valuable coaching tools and stat breakdowns aren’t going to be as helpful if you have shaky, hard to watch video—especially if it’s not from the right angle, making you miss players, set pieces, or important moments. That’s why Focus Flex’s calibration options are invaluable. The camera is designed to be able to record four different field sizes, ensuring your footage won’t be cut off at an inopportune moment. And with multiple lenses powered by AI-tracking, there’s no need to rely on a cameraman to turn the camera down the pitch. It happens automatically.

Livestreaming for Fans

Is livestreaming a part of your match day process? Whether or not it already is, Focus Flex makes getting your games in front of your fans a simple process. You’re in complete control of your livestreams. You can stream straight to Hudl TV using a Wi-Fi connection or that same data plan we already mentioned. It’ll be easier than ever to strengthen your team’s connection to your community.

Recruiting Resources

Hudl has everything you—and your players—need for recruiting. But without quality video of their top moments, your players can’t get noticed. Focus Flex ensures they can show off their best moves in high definition, and Hudl makes it easy to turn that video in highlight reels you can share with the recruiters who need to see them.

Focus Flex is the only camera system that’s backed by the power of Hudl. The value of quality video doesn’t end with your camera—that’s only the beginning. Start exploring how to use these features today.

*Available for purchase through Hudl. The network is available in the U.S. only. Coverage is not available in some areas. See full terms.