When identifying what soccer clubs needed to minimize stress on game days, we channeled those needs into the one-stop-shop solution that is Focus Flex. By combining the infrastructure and technology from our previous Focus cameras with functionality and portability, we create a filming solution to make game days solely about you and your athletes.

Your First Look at Focus Flex

In January 2023 Focus Flex was officially released. As the third camera in the Hudl Focus family, Flex is the only portable camera on the market that’s fully integrated with Hudl’s suite of solutions and easily travels anywhere a team goes regardless of access to power or internet. 

Created with soccer clubs in mind, Hudl Focus Flex was tested by over 90 clubs across the United States. User input was crucial to develop a camera that performs exactly as coaches and athletes need it to on gameday. Initially launched to teams across the United States, Hudl Focus Flex will soon be available at all levels in select countries across the globe. 

Take a first look as Hudl Focus Product Manager Paul Bauer introduces you to the portable soccer camera, the history behind it, and what’s included with your purchase.

Focus Flex & Game Day Routines

For many years, coaches relied on a cameraperson to capture film on game days. The video quality could be shaky, it was hard to capture all of the action, and you always ran the risk of your cameraperson flaking on you.

With Focus Flex, you don’t have to worry about any of those things. Your cameraperson is the tripod that holds our battery-powered, AI auto-tracking camera that follows all of the action on the field, uploads film automatically and even allows you to livestream with built-in 4G*. These features not only allow for stress-free game days, but better video for your athletes. That means better film to catch the eye of recruiters with their highlight reels and clearer video to submit to Hudl Assist for data-driven performance breakdowns.

*Available for purchase through Hudl. The network is available in the US only. Coverage is not available in some areas. See full terms.

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