When identifying what soccer clubs needed to minimize stress on game days, we channeled those needs into the one-stop-shop solution that is Focus Flex. By combining the infrastructure and technology from our previous Focus cameras with functionality and portability, we create a filming solution to make game days solely about you and your athletes.

As we continue beta testing, we'll also roll out and improve new and current features to enhance the Focus Flex experience. 

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Focus Flex & Game Day Routines

For many years, coaches relied on a cameraperson to capture film on game days. The video quality could be shaky, it was hard to capture all of the action, and you always ran the risk of your cameraperson flaking on you.

With Focus Flex, you won’t have to worry about any of those things. Your cameraperson is the tripod that holds our battery-powered, AI auto-tracking camera that follows all of the action on the field, uploads film automatically and even allows you to livestream. These features will not only allow for stress-free game days, but better video for your athletes. That means better film to catch the eye of recruiters with their highlight reels and clearer video to submit to Hudl Assist for data-driven performance breakdowns.

This season, our beta users are experiencing the impact Focus Flex can have on game day routines. With new feature roll-outs continuing to arrive, the Focus Flex experience will only become more convenient for our users.

What We've Been Working On

Throughout our beta test this past summer, we’ve made notable breakthroughs in improving several features. For example, coaches can now: check camera battery and connection status on the Focus app; use Wi-Fi to easily upload games; and calibrate the camera in fewer steps, which leads to an automatic, less-than-five-minute calibration (our goal is to reduce that to under a minute).

When gauging the success of our camera, we asked our beta users whether they’d feel disappointed if they could no longer use Focus Flex. 95% said yes, they would be disappointed, and hope to continue to use it for upcoming seasons. 

Much of this is due to our video quality developments, perfecting even the smallest of details, from color to how well the camera follows the action. Audio quality has also been a key improvement, with 88% of beta users reporting that Focus Flex has better sound quality than the previous camera they used.

First Fall Season for Beta Users

Many of our beta users have begun their playing season this fall, and they'll experience continuous roll-outs and updates to their video quality and other features as the weeks go by. Whether that’s better tracking near certain areas of the field or improved tactical zoom, this guarantees they'll get the best possible camera for their filming needs.

One of these new feature roll-outs is the ability to livestream with Focus Flex. Our initial version of livestreaming allows teams to seamlessly stream to YouTube over a Wi-Fi connection. We're starting with a limited number of clubs who opted to try it out. Testing and perfecting our livestreaming tools is essential, as more and more teams and clubs stream games for family, friends and recruiters who can’t attend in person.

We’ll have plenty of updates over the coming months as clubs dig in to all the new features. Sign up for our waitlist for opportunities to stay in the know, give us your feedback and play a part in perfecting the solution to your filming troubles.