Set pieces are pivotal moments in football matches—and the ability to analyze them with unprecedented precision and depth is a huge asset. Better insights into these game moments will provide pivotal decision-making on team strategy, player positioning and the overall result of a match. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our enhancements to the set pieces analysis feature in Insight.

Insight—our advanced data analysis solution for Hudl Sportscode that provides workflow efficiencies and customized context—is already integral to many teams’ performance processes, enhancing scouting and recruitment, as well as pre and postgame workflows. Now it can add even more firepower to your analysis of set pieces, including free kicks, corners and throw-ins.

Here’s what your analysis will gain:

  • Ability to analyze set piece outcomes up to the third touch, providing a more comprehensive view.
  • Granular zone analysis focused on critical areas of the pitch, particularly around the penalty area.
  • A statistical gathering on preferred set piece schemas and recurring patterns for in-depth opposition analysis.

Note: This feature works with, and without, the usage of positional data, but some parameters or attributes won’t be available when using events data only.

With this enhanced set piece analysis capability in Insight, you, your analysts and your coaches will be empowered to unlock deeper insights into game-changing moments, refine your strategies and gain an edge on the competition.

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