There have been many recent updates to Insight—our advanced data analysis solution for Hudl Sportscode—too many to share in one blog. In fact, we’re dedicating an entire blog series to share the latest improvements.

First up in the series: the player tracking updates. These will have the biggest impact on your workflows and output. We’ve made it easier to find the insights you need with new sequence filters, passing through filters, player run detection and player highlighting.

New Sequence Filters

We’ve already had sequence filters to help analysts easily find the sequences they’re looking for in an efficient way. Now we have even more, all accessible from the same wizard feature as before. Select filters like “Include Event,” “Start Event” and “End Event,” to further narrow down the clips applicable to the conditions you’re looking for.

Watch now to see these new filters in action.

Pass Through Zone Filters

You can now filter sequences by an area of the pitch that a team passes through. From the wizard feature, you just need to select the “Passing Through” filter. Then choose to either select specific zones of the pitch, or create a shape on the pitch to find set pieces that took place in that area.

See the new filter in this video.

Player Run Detection

We’ve added a new rule option designed to detect player runs, so your analysts don’t have to do it manually. Now from the rules section parameters, you can set what runs you want to see, whether it’s a run, a sprint or a burst. These are fully customisable—all you have to do is adjust the definitions.

See more details in this video.

Player Highlighting

In Insight, you can now use the tracking widget to highlight a player within the tracking widget, making it easier to keep track of a single player’s contributions.

Watch the video to see how it works.

You can check out all the recent updates in Insight here.