Next up in our blog series covering all the recent updates to Insight—our advanced data analysis solution for Hudl Sportscode—are the improvements we’ve made to your livestreaming and importing options.

One of the most impactful benefits of Insight is its connective capabilities. It’s the central tool that connects platforms across the Hudl Pro Suite, providing workflow efficiencies and customized context to help teams make better decisions faster than ever before. Continue reading to see how accessing content has become even easier through importing or streaming.

Wyscout Streaming

See our new option to stream from Wyscout in action.

Video Takeaways:

  • Once streaming is enabled in your settings, you can select the ‘Stream from Wyscout’ option and the video is available without the need to download.
  • Streaming directly from one part of the Pro Suite into another ensures you can use the video immediately within Insight.
  • The syncing between platforms mean you don’t have to take space on your hard drive and it’s always instantly available.

League Exchange Streaming

See how livestreaming is possible from your League Exchange.

Video Takeaways:

  • Start by selecting a video from the Wyscout streaming option, then use the search function on the video page to add an additional stream from the League Exchange.
  • From there, whichever angles that are available from the League Exchange can be selected to stream. You can then sync up the starting times within the platform.
  • There’s no downloading necessary—the video streams will now be available to view within the Insight dashboard, at any time.

League Exchange Video Imports

See how to import video from your League Exchange.

Video Takeaways:

  • Using a similar workflow, you can import any game from the League Exchange that you have permission to access into Insight. First ensure the streaming option isn’t selected in settings, then from the search menu on the video page, select the competition, year, and preferred angle, such as extra wide tactical.
  • Then you just need to add the video, which will start to download directly within Insight.
  • You can say goodbye to downloading your video from the League Exchange and re-uploading it to Insight—this import workflow is much more efficient, saving you more time for your team analysis.

If you missed it, be sure to check out our first blog in the series that covered our improvements in player tracking functionality.

Haven’t started using Insight yet? Visit our website to ​​learn how Insight can bring new levels of data analysis to your workflow.