We’ve been detailing all our latest improvements to Insight—our advanced data analysis solution for Hudl Sportscode—and we’re not done yet. Next we’ll look at the additional widget exporting options we’ve added, making it easy to enhance your analysis presentations. 

Add Video and Tracking Angles

Video Takeaways

  • New, efficient integrations between Insight, Hudl Sportscode and Studio can save you time and enhance feedback presentations.
  • Export a tracking angle widget to a timeline or playlist (e.g., sorter or organiser) in Hudl Sportscode for further analysis, or send content directly to Studio where you can simply add telestrations.
  • When you export to a timeline, there will be two angles in Hudl Sportscode: the video and the tracking widget angle.
  • You could also export instances straight into any pre- or post-match organizers that have previously been created.

Export Insight Widget Visuals as Images

Video Takeaways

  • Now that Insight and Hudl Sportscode are better integrated, users will save more time and be better equipped to showcase widget visualisations.
  • Using a new shortcut (command + c), you can highlight and paste the required sequence visualisation image as a slide directly into your Hudl Sportscode playlist.
  • Widgets that can be exported as an image include: field, sequences, tracking, graph, goal view, compare video, average position, matrix and passing network.

If you missed our previous blog posts in this series on Insight improvements, be sure to check out our player tracking enhancements and our latest streaming and importing options.

Haven’t started using Insight yet? Visit our website to ​​learn how Insight can bring new levels of data analysis to your high performance workflow.