Our Wyscout learning resources are there for football pro­fes­sion­als to boost your scouting, analysis and recruitment workflows within our market-leading platform. Now learn how we are offering this educational support in a new way.

Wyscout tutorials are the very first support tutorials Hudl have translated into other languages. The main reason we have decided to start this process with Wyscout is because - in 2021, over 75% of support phone calls and emails we received (related specifically to Wyscout) came from users in countries where English is not the primary language.

We’re excited to have our Wyscout self-service resources more readily available in the user’s primary language.

Wyscout tutorials are now available in nine different languages, including: Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portugese (PT) and Spanish.

The support pages include basic tutorials related to Wyscout account settings, all the way through to more advanced sessions that take a deeper dive into the most powerful Wyscout apps such as Advanced Search and the Scouting Area.

The Wyscout Tutorials page: Note the new language picker on the right-hand side.
One simple click and you can change the language, as above!

"It’s great to give the possibility for our Wyscout users to easily find what they need with just a few clicks,” said Hudl product consultant Giulia Menini. “It took huge teamwork to build and translate all the materials, but helping customers in their time of need and in their language adds so much value to our daily support.”

“Not everyone is comfortable with English tutorials, so we have translated our Wyscout support tutorials so our users from all over the globe can understand better how to use our products,” said Hudl product consultant manager Fix Compain. “It's very important for us to accompany our users to allow them to bring analysis to the top, without language barriers."

Try it out for yourself. Simply select a tutorial, and you'll see the language picker to switch to the language you need.

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