See what we have planned for Hudl Sportscode and the Hudl Pro Suite and the features that have recently been released.

Hudl’s lead prod­uct man­ag­er for match analy­sis, Paul Arnott, walks users through the latest developments in Hudl Sportscode and shows you what’s coming in the next few months.

Hudl Sportscode now has more video playback control, improved find window functionality and better live sharing options with other new features in the Pro Suite including wireless Hudl Replay solutions. 

In the coming months the team will also be working on live data integrations and reports across a season, as well as new functionality which will allow you to tag in Hudl Replay, and get content from Hudl League Exchange directly in Hudl Sportscode.

Watch the pre­sen­ta­tion in full here or see the bite size videos in the blog below.

Coming Soon

Here are the changes that users can expect to see in the coming months.


You’ll soon be able to send a clip from a sorter or organiser to a database and be able to split a clip. In the sorter, you’ll be able to see the original position for the corresponding instance in the timeline row, and edit the name of slides.

Find Window

We’re adding three powerful analysis workflows for the find window.

We’ll be adding find and replace to Hudl Sportscode, allowing you to search through components for text strings and to update those strings. This will be similar in functionality to the feature in Sportscode version 11.

An advanced search mode will allow you to do more complex searches involving boolean operators so you can be really specific about the codes, labels and instances that you’re looking for.

You’ll also be able to run output windows on different data sets. Currently, to run a report on multiple games you need to combine them together or database a set of clips. In the next few months you’ll be able to select which games you want to run a report on, reducing the need to database, and saving many hours of time.

Code in Replay

We’re adding functionality to allow you to code from Hudl Replay. You’ll be able to tap a button to create an instance and for that instance to be shared back to Hudl Sportscode. This means you will easily be able to look at it if you’re presenting from Hudl Sportscode in the locker room at half time or if you want to review it after the game.

Open from League Exchange

A new development coming for the Pro Suite will see users be able to open videos straight from the Hudl League Exchange. Currently you need to download individual video and data files to your computer, then manually import them into a new video package. Soon be able to open them from within Hudl Sportscode, and start editing them without having to wait for them to download.

These are our cur­rent plans for the com­ing months. We will keep these under review in order to adapt to the ongo­ing needs of our users.

Watch to find out what is coming.

Recent Updates

This is what we have shipped in recent months; you can continue to monitor the latest developments to Hudl Sportscode via the release notes.

Video Playback

Enhancements to the video player now allow you to control what happens when you reach the end of a clip. In both the organiser and sorter views of the playlist, and the sorter and table views of a database you now have four options.

  1. As a default, you can let a video play through to the next clip, as was the case in Sportscode version 11. 
  2. You can now also pause at the end of a clip and Sportscode will await the next instruction. 
  3. You can loop a clip, meaning that a particular clip will show over and over until you skip to the next one. 
  4. You can also loop selected clips, so you can have a playlist play on repeat without someone operating the computer which could be something you want to use in a locker room before a game or at your practise facility.

You can select the preference at the start of a presentation and also have the option to change it during a presentation.

Audio Controls

In the video player, you can now control the audio from all of the video player windows. If you’re working with multiple angles of video then you can do this separately for each angle.

You can turn the audio on and off in the timeline, database and the instance players. If you’re working in the sorter or the organiser you can also do this on a per clip basis in the same way that you control the default video angle.

Standalone Playlists v11

For users that have sorters and organisers in Sportscode v11, you can now convert these into Hudl Sportscode standalone playlists. From the file menu, select ‘convert from legacy’ and you’ll see the sorter and movie organiser options.

Playlist Controls

It’s now much easier to work in multiple playlists in Hudl Sportscode. If you have a large set of clips that you want to refine down to a smaller set you can now cut, copy and paste clips between playlists using a right click option or the standard hotkeys.

You can send clips to the top-most organiser or sorter using the organiser or sorter button at the top of the window. You can also click and drag instances from one sorter or organiser to another and insert them where you want.

If you make a mistake at any time then you can simply undo anything using the standard apple hotkeys.

When you close a playlist window, Sportscode now remembers the size, location and layout of the last equivalent window so the next time you open it it appears exactly as it did before.

Playlist Enhancements

There’s now no limitation on the size of any of the sorter columns which is handy for users of the notes column.

In the sorter, the clip number column is now frozen, so the number stays visible as you’re scrolling horizontally left and right, meaning you can always see how far through your sorter you are.

A number of bugs in the organiser and sorter around audio, slides, drawings and general performance have all been fixed.

Find Window Custom Selection

In the find window you can now run a search across all of the timelines in a folder and sub-folders.

You also have the option to run a search across a custom selection over any set of games or folders that you choose.

If you want to search for clips from your opponents last three games you can easily do this by selecting their last three games and this works across any selected set of timelines, including multiple timelines inside video packages. Within that you can also select a folder of timelines and all of the sub folders will be included too.

You no longer have to combine games into a single video package or timeline, in general you won’t have to database them and you won’t have to reorder your files into different folders to search across different games.

There’s some big performance improvements and in testing we’ve seen a 97% reduction in the processing time this type of query takes.

We found that if you’re searching within a single game the results are returned almost immediately. Searches across a full season of heavily coded games with a total of around 400,000 instances took about 40 seconds to return a result.

The time taken to run a query will vary depending on how many games you’re looking at and the number of instances and labels in each game and on the processing power of your computer.

Detailed Searches

You can now do more detailed searches in the find window.

Using the new ‘find instance notes’ tab you can find all of the instances where a note includes a particular text. You can have this exactly match whole words and case sensitive too.

When you’ve found those instances you can view the video, send clips to an organiser, sorter or database.


We’ve added a number of default Sportscode hotkeys including:

Import Sportscode XML - CTRL-CMD-X

Export Sportscode XML - CTRL-OPT-X

Import Video - CTRL-CMD-V

Export Video - CTRL-OPT-V

Edit Video - CTRL-SHIFT-V

Import Live - CTRL-CMD-L

Edit Live - CTRL-SHIFT-L

Drag Instances - CMD-CTRL-Z

Wireless Hudl Replay

Combining live video and data allows coaches to make tactical decisions during the game and that’s why we’ve focused on finding users a wireless solution for Hudl Replay.

We now have recommendations for wireless networks when using Hudl Sportscode alongside Hudl Replay.

There are three recommended setups for situations which we believe cover most usage of Replay and full details can be found on our blog.

Live Sharing Data Optimisation

If you’re sharing video and data from one Hudl Sportscode user to another, or from Hudl Sportscode to Hudl Replay, you now have the ability to configure what subset of data that you code gets sent from the source computer to the other devices. This will be particularly useful if you have a coach that is using Replay and only wants to see certain rows or instances.

You can configure this by using the ‘share instances with other devices’ checkbox in the inspector for the code button or label button. If you wish to do so, you can turn it off for a code button or row but turn it on for a particular label if you know that something is of particular interest to your coach.

Users can now share one clip with another, simply right click on the video and hit ‘live share’. You can also share all of the instances in a row by clicking on the row title. You can also quickly share a number of instances that you’ve selected by using the new ‘live share’ button at the bottom of the toolbar. This feature is currently in testing and will be available in the week starting December 7.

Live Data Imports

We are working with data providers across various sports to integrate live data into Hudl Sportscode on a matchday.

Instead of the user coding objective data, like you do now, you’ll be able to get this from a provider therefore allowing you to focus on coding specific instances that are important to your style of play and game-plan.

We have created a system with the German Bundesliga whereby data from their provider is set up before a game and this automatically appears in the timeline as the game is taking place. With this live import working over the internet, you can do this remotely providing you have access to a video feed.

Keep an eye out for more announcements around this in the coming months as we collaborate with more data providers across a range of sports.

Upload Timeline

If you use alongside Hudl Sportscode and a video is already on or in the Hudl League Exchange, you can now upload just the data.

Previously you’d have to upload the full video and data together. Now you can just upload the timeline to an existing video. This is a much quicker process, as you no longer have to re-upload the video.

Watch to learn more about all of the features recently released.

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