The latest version of Hudl Sportscode (12.4.9) includes the release of new Find Window functionality to help enhance workflow efficiencies and save time.  

Using boolean queries, you can now easily search for any code, label or note across your timeline, database or a custom selection of games or folders, using the new Advanced Find feature available in the Find Window (CMD+F).

You will also be able to save your quick and advanced searches within the Find Window (CMD+F), meaning you will only need to build your queries once. 

You can share these searches with other members of your team with our new import or export option.

Product Manager for Hudl Sportscode Oliver Hypolite-Bishop commented:

“In preparation for games or in high pressure situations, analysts & video coordinators need to be able to find key moments to uncover and present winning opportunities to their team. 

“With the launch of the new Find Window, you now have the ability to create custom searches using a wide range of filters, whether it be across just one timeline or database, or several. With the save and share tools we really think this will be of great benefit to analysis teams improving how they collaborate across the season.”

“We will be continuing to build on this feature to continue to make it easier for users to find key moments across their sport and in Hudl Sportscode.”

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