See the recent developments to Hudl Sportscode and some of the changes you can expect in the coming months.

In this update, lead product manager for match analysis Paul Arnott, reviews what’s new and provides an insight into upcoming developments in Hudl Sportscode.

We’ve spent this last few months prioritising the features that allow you to easily transition from older versions of Sportscode to Hudl Sportscode. We’ve also made improvements across the Hudl Pro Suite. These include improved integration between Hudl and Hudl Sportscode as well as enhancements in Hudl Replay and

Watch the presentation in full here or see the bite size videos in the blog below.

Coming Soon

Here are the changes that users can expect to see in the coming months.

Multi-game Analysis

You’ll soon be able to run an output report, matrix or find window on any set of selected matches. At the moment, these components run on the top most timeline but this feature will allow you to override the default and select the timelines that you want to analyze instead. You’ll no longer have to combine timelines from single games, or database large amounts of data from across a season. Because of this you'll be able to get answers much more quickly.


The find window is already faster and easier to use in Hudl Sportscode compared to version 11. You’ll soon be able to use the find and replace text feature, use and/or operators, and find instances with notes containing specific text.


You'll be able to cut, copy, paste and drag clips and slides between organizers and sorters.

You’ll also be able to maintain the size and location of the playlist window when you save it. Now, when you reopen the playlist it will appear as it did before.

The undo/redo feature is being enhanced to allow you to recover from mistakes.

You will have the option to automatically pause playback at the end of a clip rather than having to do this manually.

With the new auto-scroll feature the sorter will now make a row visible when playback has progressed to a clip that isn’t on screen.

Furthermore, you will be able to widen the notes column in the sorter.

Sharing Data Live

We’re excited to introduce the ability to configure which subset of data is shared live from Hudl Sportscode. This feature, available for Hudl Sportscode to Replay and Hudl Sportscode to Hudl Sportscode sharing, is currently in beta testing.

Wireless Hudl Replay

We shortly plan to announce support and recommendations for a wireless solution. We’re currently beta testing solutions for various match day and training environments. Stay tuned for news on these solutions along with hardware and configuration guidance.

Upload to Hudl

It’s already easier than ever to share video and data with your team via Hudl and we're making further improvements. You will soon be able to upload data and attach it to a video in your Hudl Library. Similar to the open from Hudl feature, you can do all of this from within Hudl Sportscode, without having to go to a webpage.

Live Third-party Data

You will soon be able to view objective data from external providers live in Hudl Sportscode, freeing you up to do more analysis. You’ll be able to supplement this data by adding your own instances and labels. We’re currently working with other data providers to make this possible.

These are our current plans for the coming months, we will keep these under review in order to adapt to the ongoing needs of our users.

Watch to find out what is coming.

Recent Updates

This is what we have shipped in recent months; you can continue to monitor the latest developments to Hudl Sportscode via the release notes.

Full Screen Coding

You can now code while viewing full screen video. Video plays full screen and your code window appears over the top. You can position the code window wherever you want and modify the opacity so you can see the video behind.

Live Notes

You can now use the Live Notes feature to add notes to instances on-the-fly while you're coding.

Combine Timelines

You can combine multiple timelines into a single timeline. This creates a standalone video package that includes all of the video from the source packages.

Overlapping Instances

In Hudl Sportscode, if you have two instances that partially overlap in time, the timeline now visualises them as overlapping. When importing XML data from third parties like Opta, DFL or Champion Data you now have the option to let the instances remain overlapped or to merge them into a single instance.

Third-party Data

Data from the DFL (Bundesliga) and Champion Data (AFL) can now be imported and has improved functionality compared to v11. 

In Opta Rugby, a start period row is now available which helps with synchronising video and data, there’s also some additional data points too.

Third-party data can now be sorted by colour, player and team rows which are now separated by default. You can configure data so you only import what is relevant and also dictate how it appears on your timeline. You can also use your own naming, definitions and colour conventions, all by using a timeline configuration file.


The code view, similar to the traditional timeline view seen in v11, is now available. The name of the source timeline can also now be seen above each section. You can easily switch between the code view and sorter view of the database.

You’re now able to trim and extend instances in a database by using the drag handles or hotkeys. You can also now use label mode on a database to add additional labels to instances.


You can view video and analyse data in a more convenient way by swapping the X and Y axes and sending instances to a sorter, organizer or database. You can also double click on codes, labels and group headings to launch the video player.

Edit Labels Window

Notes associated with selected instances can now be edited.

Multiple Timelines

Multiple coaches / analysts can now code data to separate timelines.

Strip Contents

You can remove the labels and notes from selected instances in a timeline and playlist.


You can now flag from videos generated from an output report. If you use add notes while flagging, the playback pauses so you don't miss any of the action.


In both the organizer and sorter you can now switch between views so data appears either underneath, or to the right of the video.

Export Video

If you need to export video to use it outside of Hudl products you now have more control. From a playlist you can export the entire playlist or just selected clips.  You can also choose to export a single video file, a video file for each clip or a video file for each row. If you have multiple angles available you can export all angles, the one currently visible or the default angle.

Playback Options

You can now specify the behaviour when you get to the end of a clip. You can opt to either play through to the next clip, loop the current clip or loop selected clips. This feature is available in the playlist and database. 


You can also show and hide instance text and edit the colours of rows.


Using checkboxes you can now enable or disable rows when presenting, exporting and uploading video.

Hudl Activity Tracking

You can now track how the members of your team are watching video in Hudl. Creating a CSV file will show every time a member of your team has watched a video and how long for.

Hudl Replay

It’s now possible to connect manually to Hudl Replay using an IP address.

Improved diagnostic messaging is now available. If your iPad can’t connect to the computer, or disconnects from the network, a message will now explain the issue. 

Uploading to Hudl

When uploading a playlist to Hudl you now have the option to use all angles or just the default angle. You can also include instance text, effects and slides & titles.

Video Effects

When you watch a playlist in Hudl on the web or app, the video will pause when it reaches an effect then move on after three seconds.

Watch to learn more about all of the features recently released.

Hudl Sportscode is now being used by professional teams right around the world. Our step by step guide is available to help you get started. You can also book a time to speak with one of our experts and check out all of the new workflows.