Hudl Sportscode Update — August 2020

Hudl Sportscode Update — August 2020

See the recent devel­op­ments to Hudl Sportscode and some of the changes you can expect in the com­ing months.

In this update, lead prod­uct man­ag­er for match analy­sis Paul Arnott, reviews what’s new and pro­vides an insight into upcom­ing devel­op­ments in Hudl Sportscode.

We’ve spent this last few months pri­ori­tis­ing the fea­tures that allow you to eas­i­ly tran­si­tion from old­er ver­sions of Sportscode to Hudl Sportscode. We’ve also made improve­ments across the Hudl Pro Suite. These include improved inte­gra­tion between Hudl and Hudl Sportscode as well as enhance­ments in Hudl Replay and Hudl​.com.

Watch the pre­sen­ta­tion in full here or see the bite size videos in the blog below.

Coming Soon

Here are the changes that users can expect to see in the com­ing months.

Multi-game Analysis

You’ll soon be able to run an out­put report, matrix or find win­dow on any set of select­ed match­es. At the moment, these com­po­nents run on the top most time­line but this fea­ture will allow you to over­ride the default and select the time­lines that you want to ana­lyze instead. You’ll no longer have to com­bine time­lines from sin­gle games, or data­base large amounts of data from across a sea­son. Because of this you’ll be able to get answers much more quickly.


The find win­dow is already faster and eas­i­er to use in Hudl Sportscode com­pared to ver­sion 11. You’ll soon be able to use the find and replace text fea­ture, use and/​or oper­a­tors, and find instances with notes con­tain­ing spe­cif­ic text.


You’ll be able to cut, copy, paste and drag clips and slides between orga­niz­ers and sorters.

You’ll also be able to main­tain the size and loca­tion of the playlist win­dow when you save it. Now, when you reopen the playlist it will appear as it did before.

The undo/​redo fea­ture is being enhanced to allow you to recov­er from mistakes.

You will have the option to auto­mat­i­cal­ly pause play­back at the end of a clip rather than hav­ing to do this manually.

With the new auto-scroll fea­ture the sorter will now make a row vis­i­ble when play­back has pro­gressed to a clip that isn’t on screen.

Furthermore, you will be able to widen the notes col­umn in the sorter.

Sharing Data Live

We’re excit­ed to intro­duce the abil­i­ty to con­fig­ure which sub­set of data is shared live from Hudl Sportscode. This fea­ture, avail­able for Hudl Sportscode to Replay and Hudl Sportscode to Hudl Sportscode shar­ing, is cur­rent­ly in beta testing.

Wireless Hudl Replay

We short­ly plan to announce sup­port and rec­om­men­da­tions for a wire­less solu­tion. We’re cur­rent­ly beta test­ing solu­tions for var­i­ous match day and train­ing envi­ron­ments. Stay tuned for news on these solu­tions along with hard­ware and con­fig­u­ra­tion guidance.

Upload to Hudl

It’s already eas­i­er than ever to share video and data with your team via Hudl and we’re mak­ing fur­ther improve­ments. You will soon be able to upload data and attach it to a video in your Hudl Library. Similar to the open from Hudl fea­ture, you can do all of this from with­in Hudl Sportscode, with­out hav­ing to go to a webpage.

Live Third-party Data

You will soon be able to view objec­tive data from exter­nal providers live in Hudl Sportscode, free­ing you up to do more analy­sis. You’ll be able to sup­ple­ment this data by adding your own instances and labels. We’re cur­rent­ly work­ing with oth­er data providers to make this possible.

These are our cur­rent plans for the com­ing months, we will keep these under review in order to adapt to the ongo­ing needs of our users.

Watch to find out what is coming.

Recent Updates

This is what we have shipped in recent months; you can con­tin­ue to mon­i­tor the lat­est devel­op­ments to Hudl Sportscode via the release notes.

Full Screen Coding

You can now code while view­ing full screen video. Video plays full screen and your code win­dow appears over the top. You can posi­tion the code win­dow wher­ev­er you want and mod­i­fy the opac­i­ty so you can see the video behind.

Live Notes

You can now use the Live Notes fea­ture to add notes to instances on-the-fly while you’re coding.

Combine Timelines

You can com­bine mul­ti­ple time­lines into a sin­gle time­line. This cre­ates a stand­alone video pack­age that includes all of the video from the source packages. 

Overlapping Instances

In Hudl Sportscode, if you have two instances that par­tial­ly over­lap in time, the time­line now visu­alis­es them as over­lap­ping. When import­ing XML data from third par­ties like Opta, DFL or Champion Data you now have the option to let the instances remain over­lapped or to merge them into a sin­gle instance.

Third-party Data

Data from the DFL (Bundesliga) and Champion Data (AFL) can now be import­ed and has improved func­tion­al­i­ty com­pared to v11. 

In Opta Rugby, a start peri­od row is now avail­able which helps with syn­chro­nis­ing video and data, there’s also some addi­tion­al data points too.

Third-par­ty data can now be sort­ed by colour, play­er and team rows which are now sep­a­rat­ed by default. You can con­fig­ure data so you only import what is rel­e­vant and also dic­tate how it appears on your time­line. You can also use your own nam­ing, def­i­n­i­tions and colour con­ven­tions, all by using a time­line con­fig­u­ra­tion file.


The code view, sim­i­lar to the tra­di­tion­al time­line view seen in v11, is now avail­able. The name of the source time­line can also now be seen above each sec­tion. You can eas­i­ly switch between the code view and sorter view of the database.

You’re now able to trim and extend instances in a data­base by using the drag han­dles or hotkeys. You can also now use label mode on a data­base to add addi­tion­al labels to instances.


You can view video and analyse data in a more con­ve­nient way by swap­ping the X and Y axes and send­ing instances to a sorter, orga­niz­er or data­base. You can also dou­ble click on codes, labels and group head­ings to launch the video player.

Edit Labels Window

Notes asso­ci­at­ed with select­ed instances can now be edited.

Multiple Timelines

Multiple coach­es / ana­lysts can now code data to sep­a­rate timelines.

Strip Contents

You can remove the labels and notes from select­ed instances in a time­line and playlist.


You can now flag from videos gen­er­at­ed from an out­put report. If you use add notes while flag­ging, the play­back paus­es so you don’t miss any of the action.


In both the orga­niz­er and sorter you can now switch between views so data appears either under­neath, or to the right of the video.

Export Video

If you need to export video to use it out­side of Hudl prod­ucts you now have more con­trol. From a playlist you can export the entire playlist or just select­ed clips. You can also choose to export a sin­gle video file, a video file for each clip or a video file for each row. If you have mul­ti­ple angles avail­able you can export all angles, the one cur­rent­ly vis­i­ble or the default angle.

Playback Options

You can now spec­i­fy the behav­iour when you get to the end of a clip. You can opt to either play through to the next clip, loop the cur­rent clip or loop select­ed clips. This fea­ture is avail­able in the playlist and database. 


You can also show and hide instance text and edit the colours of rows.


Using check­box­es you can now enable or dis­able rows when pre­sent­ing, export­ing and upload­ing video.

Hudl Activity Tracking

You can now track how the mem­bers of your team are watch­ing video in Hudl. Creating a CSV file will show every time a mem­ber of your team has watched a video and how long for.

Hudl Replay

It’s now pos­si­ble to con­nect man­u­al­ly to Hudl Replay using an IP address.

Improved diag­nos­tic mes­sag­ing is now avail­able. If your iPad can’t con­nect to the com­put­er, or dis­con­nects from the net­work, a mes­sage will now explain the issue. 

Uploading to Hudl

When upload­ing a playlist to Hudl you now have the option to use all angles or just the default angle. You can also include instance text, effects and slides & titles.

Video Effects

When you watch a playlist in Hudl on the web or app, the video will pause when it reach­es an effect then move on after three seconds.

Watch to learn more about all of the features recently released.

Hudl Sportscode is now being used by pro­fes­sion­al teams right around the world. Our step by step guide is avail­able to help you get start­ed. You can also book a time to speak with one of our experts and check out all of the new work­flows.