Lincoln-Sudbury (Mass.) boys’ varsity basketball head coach Linda Martindale uses video and data to stop an opponents’ primary scorer. Honing in on the key player’s tendencies through video and data forces teams to run their secondary offense, giving her Warriors a competitive advantage.

When you have an elite shooter in your league, your team must be disciplined and focused defensively. Coach Martindale noticed an unusual habit and shared the video with the right people—including the refs—to make sure were read to defend appropriately. Here's her breakdown of the film:

Defending a true center in the modern game on a team lacking the necessary height to match him inch-for-inch is a tall order. Despite allowing him 31-points, the Warriors were able to work as a unit to pressure him out of his comfort zone. Plus, Martindale gambled on her seniors on Senior Night and it paid off in a big way.