NHSCA Coach of the Year Dave Flom uses a data-centric approach to guide the Eden Prairie boys’ basketball program to the promiseland.

Whether it’s setting the tone on defense or instilling the right culture, data plays a pivotal role in Flom’s day-to-day coaching routine.

In fact, Flom boasts robust scout data on every team the Eagles face. The key is presenting information in a clear, digestible format for athletes. But simply having data isn’t enough. Setting clear, attainable goals is essential. The key stat he focuses on? Points-per-possesion.

Younger teams require specific goals as a structure to instruct their play. These goals inform practice habits, leading to in-game performance. For Flom and his Eagles' toughness is always top of mind thanks to a game-specific goal of 4 charges taken.

Any coach worth their salt will tell you that to win games teams must value possession. Flom pays close attention to each player's assist-to-turnover ratio. This stat will spur some tough conversations but ultimately helps players take accountability for their decision-making.