Hudl Chalk Talk Basketball

See how Lynn English high school (Mass.) boys’ basketball uses video and data to scout opponents, apply pressure and own the tempo.

NHSCA Coach of the Year Dave Flom uses a data-centric approach to guide the Eden Prairie boys' basketball program to the promiseland.

Nora Brooks says building a routine with video and data at every level helps athletes key in on areas of improvement, as well as reinforce winning habits.

Hear how Brown’s curated playlists are helping his athletes—including a Duke bound 5-star recruit—maximize their basketball IQ and execute plays with precision.

Waverly High School (Neb.) boys' basketball assistant coach Andrew Broders runs point on the team's scouting process. Here's how he keeps the Vikings one-step ahead of their opponents with playlists.

Luigi Pace has coached the Ferguson high school (Fla.) Falcons to new heights in his short time at the helm. Watch how he uses scout film and lineup data to find advantages on the hardwood that are hidden in plain sight.

Stats play a pivot role for Andover high school (Mass.) girls' head coach Alan Hibino. Whether he's scouting opponents or developing his coaching instincts, the data always delivers.

Bob Jones University assistant coach Tony Miller shares how the Bruins use Hudl to key in on players' decision-making.

Omaha Marian high school (Neb.) varsity girls' basketball coach Peter Cunningham knows he needs to maximize the time he has with his players. To do that, he needs to get the most he can out of Hudl. By letting data take the lead, Cunningham pinpoints critical aspects of the game in seconds and prepares his teams faster.

Lincoln-Sudbury (Mass.) boys' varsity basketball head coach Linda Martindale uses video and data to stop an opponents' primary scorer. Honing in on the key player's tendencies through video and data forces teams to run their secondary offense, giving her Warriors a competitive advantage.