Luigi Pace has coached the Ferguson high school (Fla.) Falcons to new heights in his short time at the helm. Watch how he uses scout film and lineup data to find advantages on the hardwood that are hidden in plain sight.

Coach Lu outworks and out-prepares each opponent and expects his players to do the same. For a team with admittedly less talent than most of their Miami-based competitors, the Falcons' work ethic and attention to detail are a necessity. Here's how playlists play a pivotal role for Lu and his players.

With such a strong investment in video, Coach Lu and his staff place a premium on decision making. He said, "We don't play results, we play decisions." See how decision-making is central to his coaching philosophy.

Coaches who use lineup data are playing chess while the rest are playing checkers. Deploying the right rotation at the right time can turn the scales of victory in your favor. Watch and learn how lineup data is giving the Falcon's an edge over the competition.